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  1. cryogenic35

    The toilet seats got one...

  2. Ian Bats

    Hart watched Goliath? Then why does he act and look like a David in front of the net? 🤷

  3. Geovanni Campos

    Go hawks

  4. Émile Lussier

    the top of the right circle on the pp is officially named suzuki’s office.

  5. Burrito Bro's Videos

    Goal of the year from Laine right there

  6. Lucas Chambers

    I’m new to hockey. Are the Flyers just that bad?

  7. Nightstalker_55_420

    Leaf fans thought that this game would be easy lol.

  8. Luke Seefeldt

    The Unstoppable Force of Nature vs the lowly desert scavenger.....GO AVS!!!!!!

  9. Ottawa Senators#1Fan


  10. James Harden

    Hagel is a beauty and he has sick flow.

  11. habsphannn

    Much needed win for the Habs. Even Drouin came out of his slumber to add an assist after a minus-four week.

  12. southsidesky

    who picked this clown of an announcer for the highlights?

  13. Saul Hernandez

    Colorado sucks😂😂😂

    1. Patrick Point

      Saul !!!!! sucks........

    2. Maubreyo

      Lol the team thats in first place in the league sucks? You are special, bud.

    3. Vernon Passero

      of all the flavors to choose you chose salty?

  14. IRanOutOfPhrases

    Enough people have already commented similar things, but if the entire league gets to pile on so do we: Flyers got out scored 18-1 in this video. I have never counter such things for anyone else, but I feel safe in declaring that as a record. If only Bergeron didnt wipeout... Was looking to be 18-0 plus a clip where the Flyers had multiple shots on an empty net, lol

  15. Lucian hott

    i was here 😳

  16. spencerr2323

    Finding a way to win 💪🏼 we didn’t do this last year

  17. Richard

    Laine was sumthin special on that goal.

  18. Emil Pettersson

    Laines second goal, Thats a hatpick!

  19. Daemon Valchenkov

    Leafs are absolutely trash overpaid players terrible city

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  20. Ponda Baba

    i hate when people call a goal that starts in the neutral zone coast to coast. THIS IS COAST 2 COAST FOR REAL.

  21. Zeno

    Habs > Leafs

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  22. john cameron

    What is this 1991

  23. zero hero

    so what....still lost the game, they suk

  24. Christian Douglass

    Torts is gonna bench him for not making the breakout pass

  25. Baji Kimran

    The turning point of this game was Max Domi's game misconduct late in the 2nd period. Although Chicago did not score on their 4 minute Power play, they were able to generate real offensive consistency for the first time in the game and that led to their 2nd and 3rd goals. The Black Hawks really don't impress me that much, They are 6-2 versus Columbus and 5-1 versus Detroit, but 8-15-5 against the upper echelon of the division, which is very telling. They would literally have to sweep Nashville and Dallas in their remaining head to head match ups with those teams which I just don't see happening.

    1. Baji Kimran

      @Godlikelobster01 The Jackets are pretty much in a rebuild too. They played the last two games without Jenner, Nyquist, Werenski, Foligno and Savard. Save for 5 or 6 guys, those were the Cleveland Monsters you were playing and still struggled to win. Both games should have been bl;owouts.

    2. Godlikelobster01

      I mean, we’re rebuilding bud. We shouldn’t be good to begin with yet we find ourselves above Columbus. Yikes

  26. Xander Singh

    Hoping Zadina can continue to develop properly.

  27. Angel -_-

    Come on canes

  28. Vision

    "Can you imagine if the fans were here?" The fans wouldn't even be there if COVID didn't exist.

  29. Sam Messerschmidt

    Way to go habs on your second win against the top team. You'll need this confidence in the playoffs.

  30. Amanja Devedzc

    Coach Tortilla Shell was livid.

  31. Philip Keeler

    I'm happy for him.

  32. Gerard Fraser


  33. Dille Koppanyi

    He might get a 2 way contract.

  34. Mike Tython

    Pretty solid hockey game. Both teams had some nice chances and big plays. Good to see the Wings playing decent hockey

  35. AirSuperset

    Nice, now let’s beat Detroit!!

  36. firebirdude2

    got DAYUM that was gorgeous!

  37. Bolo

    To me Danault lately has been really good so far no doubt, many ppl were very hard on him in the beginning of the season including I but now to me he's looking like a top 6 center for sure, to me I have already before assumed he's a 2nd line center at best and so far he's looking like that, hopefully for sure he stays in Montreal and accepts his role because I know he wants something bigger but doesn't understand that he has big enough role already on the habs..his leadership abilities is huge for the two very young center man like Suzuki and Kothieniemi, I mean Danault is still a very young player himself but at the same time he's also veteran now..

  38. Poon King

    That was absolutely insane

  39. Alex Van Ry

    That was a beautiful goal by the patty, miss him in the peg

  40. SMG2fanatic

    1/2 of Laine’s goals this year came against the hawks.

  41. Paul Matheson

    You hosers can watch your silly boys play on the ice all year long but at some point in time, you are going to have to come down and face reality; namely, the Lightning. Good luck with that, hey. Ehhhhh, Tabanacheee. Sorry but I don't know how the moronic Quebecois spell their idiotic words.

  42. Blackhawks1988

    Big win for the hawks!

  43. Cyrano DaBurgerack

    These two teams will probably meet in the 1st round of the playoffs, and they still have 3 games before that. It's important for the Habs to show they can compete.

  44. Maxime Verrrstappenn

    NICK SUZUKI from his spot! What a game, habs showing that they can limit stars to one or less.

  45. Joni


  46. Javus Bonmon

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🥅🏒🥅🏒🥅🏒👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾Go Chicago Blackhawks🥅🏒👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  47. TheGreat Senator21

    Great win, the youth is has definitely showed the last two games, only thing bad about his game is the guy calling it, sounds like the NHL21 commentator

  48. Fabrice Joseph

    Need a star calibre player like that in MTL, we're starving

    1. John Browne

      One is coming.

  49. Owen Faulkner-Nolan

    So we can safely say the Canadian won the Anderson trade...

    1. Nix

      after that little domi meltdown tonight id think so ya

  50. Paul Matheson

    The Bruins are just happy they haven't had to face the Lightning so far this year but there is a problem with that. They don't know yet if they have figured them out. Here is a hint bear fanatics; you haven't. Not a chance this year or any year soon. Get used to it. Oh, and tell your idiot, no more licking guys on their face. No problem with punching but that moronic licking stuff has to go.

  51. Gary Gagnon

    2 BIG points for the Habs, much needed.

  52. Matt

    these are some garbage biased announcers

    1. Kathy Kash

      who is announcing..bad news

  53. Terd Duckin

    I love when New England boos their teams

  54. Amerigoth

    Laine is way faster than i thought holy cow

  55. Matthias Bergendahl

    Just happy the Leafs lost!

    1. E RinoMa

      Great to see other football fans here 👀⚽️ hope Schalke will not relegate to 2nd Bundesliga

    2. Ile Teofil

      @Michael-Mircea Moldovan lol

    3. Michael-Mircea Moldovan

      @Ile Teofil listen, Schalke is having a bad year, give them a break😅

    4. Maxime Verrrstappenn

      Aren't we all?

    5. Ile Teofil

      How's Schalke doing in the Bundesliga

  56. Fec's Outdoors

    Opening the vide with the best and most dominate team in the nhl... 🖤💛🖤💛

  57. Warmachine1080

    Bernier is so underrated

    1. ObiWannaBrick31

      YES SIR

  58. A Moment in Time

    It’s one goal guys. Coaches don’t give ice time for pretty goals. Lol now he needs to keep scoring like every game. He should be posting points like the likes of Matthews, McDavid and Draisytl. He should have 50+ points heading to 60. You want to be a star, drag your team along and make them better, EVERY single game. It begins with work ethic. No he won’t get points every single game but he has to inspire his teammates with high compete and effort. He has a ways to go. I’m cheering for him. Love to see all players succeed.

  59. TurboT2

    🔥 but he’s still a 🐀

  60. Izzrr Hawkie

    BIG WIN HAWKS! 2 very needed points in this game. ggs cbj and it was a fun season series. Lank, great. Kaner, 2 points. Con, first goal as a blackhawk in his debut. overall our first period wasn’t bad but we were pretty even with cbj through it in being tied 1-1. powerplay capitalizing was great to see for the second night in a row. second we could’ve been better but we still outplayed cbj. we were down 1-2 after the second though. in the 3rd we were pretty good although i’ll admit korpisalo let in a squeaker from con. OT was a nice goal by hagel. MUCH needed 2 points in this game. we need nashville to lose to tampa tomorrow and for us to beat detroit the next 2 games. if we do that then we gotta win 2/3 of our games against nashville. that will put us in a good position to be in the playoffs.

  61. Ottawa Senators#1Fan

    BLOW ⬇️

    1. --

      Says the sens fan stfu

  62. Fred Farkle

    a good athlete could develop some strong skills in six months, but putting them all together takes years to learn. ramsey would get killed before he could learn and be able to defend himself.

  63. Mike Donis

    Cool how #38 scored the ot winner on the 83rd anniversary of their improbable cup win in old Chicago stadium.

  64. fubar totale

    Let the predictable Torts jokes begin!

  65. Joshua Kursell

    Lankinen is a MVPof out team no doubt

  66. fubar totale

    Oh, I guess Columbus won that game?

  67. Babu Babu

    Thank god at least the red wings are not like last years and we can be better with the new guys coming in

    1. DecrepitOrigin888

      @ObiWannaBrick31 I think will be surprised. Vrana is a good player. Mantha just didn’t fit right now. On this kind of Wings team. He can’t produce. He should have a better result in Washington.

    2. DecrepitOrigin888

      Ya know. Really surprised got a W tonight. Nice to see. String along some wins

  68. Fun Times

    Lol, dude looks like Mario Lemieux here but yet gets benched half the time

  69. VENTUS

    How many PP's did the Jets get??? LOL

  70. STONE

    Leafs are getting away from the Defensive System, Defensemen are pinching in way to much. If they keep this up, they will be gone in the first round.

    1. Expxnd

      They will anyway 😂

  71. Psixen S

    Oh, yeah. I totally forgot Laine existed

  72. Gideon Kleyn

    What?! The sens won a game!

    1. Trent Whitman

      Salty jets fan

  73. Otto MatiX

    Yeah Tripp so special, lost 2 in a row to the 3rd worst team in the league .👎

  74. vega21

    I rememebr watching this guy at the WJC when he was 16 and thinking hes going to be amazing. Sure enough here he is one of the greatest goal scorers of all time.

  75. Radio

    Never realized how fast he was

  76. Peter Stephens

    Jack looked like Hutch tonight

  77. The month of myself 26

    Damn finally good one

  78. Murphy Habs

    watching Romanov Dummy Matthews on half wall has to be the highlight hahahaha 😂😂

    1. Wade Panizzoli

      @ForumRafters 93 also curious

    2. ForumRafters 93

      What's the time stamp

  79. cringe warning

    Matthews still miles better 😘

  80. gimp tomax

    Jackets lose on OT but they played a solid game. Sure Laine with 2 beautiful scores, but as a team, I think they played a good game. They should maybe even stop to think what they did differently this time.