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  1. TheFatRat

    Quinn needs to fire miller or he needs to get out. Miller is throwing us under the bus with these horrible plays my god

  2. Danny Thomas

    I guess Montreal won’t move on. But at least Campbell can advance to round two.

  3. Ryan Getson

    Anybody notice on the scoreboard it says second in the first

  4. TheMadMardo

    Im more in awe at the way McDavid can set up more then he can score. Also Chiasson has a better save % then poor Koskinen.

  5. Syrupy

    POV: The Maple Leafs and Oilers are good. American hockey fans: WeLl ThEy PlAy ThE sEnAtOrS aLoT. Also, nice dub by the boys 👍🙂

  6. Fenrisulv987

    Remember this talk early in the season about how insane and impossible it would be did a player like Pasta or Matthews to score 50 in 50? He's really not 'that' far off. What, 40 in 47? Were so lucky to have Auston :D :D goooo leafs gooo!!

  7. shay stern

    I feel sorry for the cane fans, having to listen to these carnival barkers...keith sucks and here's proof...I'm pretty sure it's DEE-LEE-AH not de-liah

  8. John Creighton

    Wow..actual people in attendance..

  9. General Pudstriker69

    Put your face in front of that puck don’t be scared lol nice shot tho

  10. Joey LoPiccolo

    Cool, now suspend Wilson

  11. Sean

    Maybe we'll start to see Stalock as a backup?

  12. thatkidzain

    I know what caufield is doing is impressive, but some people are acting like he is the best player to ever play the sport.

  13. Turko7326

    Leafs will eliminate Habs 4-1 first round.

  14. Todd George


  15. MAF MAF

    Wow. I seen some pathetic games played by the Hab's this year, but this one is by far the worst.

  16. mikeviny


  17. Mark who

    Great game Canuck s

  18. Coy Here

    You cant tell me st.louis, we dont have the best goalie in hockey

  19. Antonio Nicolazzo

    Mr. Joe fav

  20. William Baumann

    It’s gonna be really interesting to see the Blackhawks play next season

  21. southsidesky

    every high school kid who does a broadcast for his school's football or basketball team can say, "See, I'm as good as this guy."

  22. gimmick

    primeau is trash

  23. AAA

    Still hope the Sabres get the first pick

  24. Nils Hogbum36

    Kossy and prieamu literally had the same starts

  25. vegasrenie

    Fleury introduces pirouette save lol.

  26. Victor Germain

    Why are there no more fights or big hits in these highlights?

  27. SuperVman93

    Anyone else still disturbed by Jarry’s shaky and inconsistent goaltending?

  28. Sonatine

    What a unnecessary loss... but well played from Vancouver. Draisaitl and McDavid alone can't carrying the team when Koskinen is sleeping. Puljujärvi is harmonizing good with them as a RW, but Koskinen is a full catastrophe. The Oilers simply need a good goalie and at least another good defender.

  29. Brayden

    Leafs win

  30. rasha kamel

    Yay 😁 the Leaves won

  31. WelcomeToBoston

    That was a nasty clap by Chuck

  32. porkwop

    That was a sick goal by Graovac, unassisted right off the draw

  33. Maeguk

    after the first period I was concerned the Canes are tired... man was i wrong thoroughly...

  34. Will OBrien

    Swayman really isn’t bad 🤔

  35. Nils Hogbum36

    Daddy demko less go

  36. GGMattt_

    DeBrincat's on fire B-)

  37. Bigfoot270

    Pens Gino. 3rd line.

  38. Bigfoot270

    Carter. Hat trick.

  39. Martin

    Following the Habs to the playoffs year after year reminds me of Homer Simpson running after the BBQ pig... it's till good, it's still good!!!

  40. Chris 585

    Wtf the best part of the game isn't even in the clip. Comeon NHL!

  41. Patsy Trest

    So sad he lost his dad. His father would be very proud of him .

  42. Shaun Eddy

    LET'S GO PENS!!!!

  43. Adam Forest

    Dabrinkick, is crazy fire

  44. Yehuda Poch

    Why is it that Matthews wears an A in some games and in other games he has no letter?

    1. Niftymits

      him and marner share that A. Marner gets it on home jerseys and matts gets it on aways

  45. Dimitri malatches

    It only they can play like this in playoffs

  46. Bud The Spud

    When I was a kid it was all about lafleur and dryden. In my teens it was nuckles nilan.

  47. James S Gwalchmai


  48. Roosevelt Garnett

    A lot of Black People love HOCKEY and I'm glad to say I'm one of them.not to sound racist but there's a saying in America that black people don't like hockey only White people do and I find that to be a lie and also I'm a Hugh CAP fan,but I will watch any other GAME.

  49. Korey Freeman

    I missed the end of the game. What happened on the 5 on 3? Thats the one thing that really concerns me for playoffs if they cant make opponents pay on the PP.

    1. Korey Freeman

      @CuJ0 ya. Can't deny Marchand as dirty as he has been. He has become elite.

    2. CuJ0

      @Korey Freeman As much as us Leaf fans may hate the Bruins, we gotta admit, we wish we were them sometimes

    3. Korey Freeman

      @CuJ0 puked a little in my mouth when you compared the Leafs to that dirty B word lol

    4. CuJ0

      When the Bruins won the cup their power play was awful too, just saying 👀

  50. rolo tomassi

    Primeau looked bad.

  51. smithryansmith

    Jamie Benn: "My favourite player growing up was a pylon. I modeled my game after it."

  52. Jeffrey Jones

    Go devils

  53. ricopedrajrs

    So, was there a penalty shot? What an edidork!

  54. Shut the Fuk up

    Myers with the A what theee

  55. Richard Henry

    Did Matthews lose his alternate captaincy? What happened?

    1. Joshua Rutherford

      Him and marner alternate games

    2. Ska Sc

      He’ s an amazing goal scorer, but not a leader.

  56. Жирный Пёс

    Jeff Carter - ♠️♥️♣️♦️

  57. Eelis Vertainen

    Pulju has more goals than laine

  58. Thomas Nappo

    GO LEAFS GO....1967 baby

  59. MKGaming By Munish


  60. Richard Krupa

    Anything can happen on Fantasy Island!

  61. davidareyouhuman

    Damn she sang that as if her rent money is depending on it

  62. MKGaming By Munish


  63. bernadettejung

    That Draisaitls goal reminds me of the 70's Montreal Canadiens drop passes

  64. Edward Lambert

    Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman, and Mark Messier. I wouldn't be the fan that I am today without mentioning Messier, and his "Guarantee" in 94'. Yzerman, because he was the heart of my Red Wings for so many years. Mario especially not only because of his talent level, but his over coming of all of the physical ailments that he endured off of the ice. I have the utmost respect for him.

  65. alecisaplaya

    After so long of playing hockey you don’t really have to look at the net to hit the corners. Depending on where you’re at on the ice you know exactly where to shoot

  66. tri catfilms

    4 GOALS! Has Crosby or Malkin ever scored 4 goals in a game ??

    1. Robert Young


  67. Phil Leotardo

    Hoglander is giving me Zuc vibes

    1. djmips

      That's not a bad comparison.

  68. Vi Vhirtuel

    I Hope U Guys Win The Cup (From A Sens Fan) GoLeafsGo!

  69. Patrik Tobola

    looks to me like the Isles are just cruising to the playoffs, trying not to injure any of their players. Sound strategy, just makes the last couple games kinda meh

  70. ᄉᄒᄋ

    I think empty net is better than Koskinen. 4 shot 4 goals zz lol. He is as good as none :(

  71. bodgertime

    Delia’s pads look great vs. the Canes

  72. Canadian14

    You know Price is just resting up getting ready to down the Leafs in 5 or 6. And then he'll win gold for Canada next year too. We believe in you Pricey!🇨🇦

    1. Canadian14

      @E 1530 so does Campbell.. doesn't mean I'd take them over Price in big games

    2. E 1530

      Allen has better stats than Price this year.

  73. Knusper Keks

    Draisaitls skills when instantly shooting passes is in the league.

    1. General Pudstriker69

      Mathews is up in that category for sure

    2. porkwop

      Ya he has a crazy release

    3. djmips

      Brett Hull - like

  74. Sif'fn about Gwyn

    @Houser, that match was rough buddy, can't blame you on that. signed, some random Indonesian Pens fan

  75. Katie Egervari

    The Oilers better hope Smith does not get hurt. Without Smith, they are done.

  76. Lars Ulrichie

    I understand Koskinen is mad at himself and irritated. But please don't break a staff. Kids are watching.

  77. nikkethegreat

    NYR should get rid of Quinn as well. They played way better when he was away lol.

  78. Matt McConnell

    Mrazek's save at the end of the 2nd reminds me of a 90s goalie save! Old school.

  79. Tor Max

    Original six!

  80. aaron stratton

    this is the greatest time for edmotnon to be my second favorite team