Top 10 Goals from Week 12 | 2021 NHL Season


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    Superstars Mathew Barzal and Nathan MacKinnon add to their highlight reels while T.J. Oshie beautifully finishes a tough play
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    1. Dom Frecentese

      where's Kaprizov? ;)

    2. Noah Farmer

      personally i would have liked a better soundtrack for background music. Something more upbeat and intense.

    3. yannic noah

      #3 was more of a play than a goal..

    4. Jack Boddecker

      where was dahlins toe drag snapper

    5. TrL recticcc


    6. MagicMenzies

      Lgi Barzy is gonna have all the goals of the year for contenders

      1. JohnnyBukkel

        At least half of the top 10, and his cellys are getting less and less hype and more routine like he expects it haha

    7. Daniel Zylberberg

      Barzal is magical

    8. Expxnd

      We’re is Anisimov’s insane pass to set up Connor brown??

      1. Fleuk

        In your dreams

    9. Rusty Spooner

      Barzal split 4 caps then beats the goalie top shelf.... 🤯NASTY 👊 LGI 🍻🪖

      1. MagicMenzies


    10. Газовщик по Неволе Gas-man Adrift

      Игрока Калгари я бы Смело ставил с 9го места на второе!! А Барзал - в эпизоде с 1ым голом - был Хорош!..

    11. Nash Langille


    12. FortniteGamer 59

      If Barzal’s goals weren’t in this video, I would’ve been mad

    13. thebestgamerjosh

      Very cool! Love these vids!

    14. Газовщик по Неволе Gas-man Adrift

      9е место - Как На Лету шайбу укротил!! Мастер!!

    15. Snake Eyes

      It's still a little too early to ask, but who has the best goal of the year so far?

      1. Snake Eyes

        @tonifs epic cookin channel I'm going to have to agree. I was secretly waiting for someone to mention that one.

      2. Thrasher 47

        I’m a rangers fan I will admit barzel goal between the legs is going to be goal of the year by far

      3. Memekanda

        Mat Barzal by far

      4. Loompa Oompa

        @tonifs epic cookin channel Disgustingly beautiful goal.

      5. tonifs epic cookin channel

        Mat Barzal in-between the legs goal against the sabres.

    16. Logan Bilodeau

      I still get tonal whiplash remembering that Chara is a Cap now

      1. Michael Watts

        It's weird

    17. Boa

      Barzal has some pretty nice goals on this season🔥

    18. Wers

      Matt Barzal has the two best goals this season

    19. MandyPandy 1023

      barzy and isles supremacy

    20. Jack Filippi

      where the kakko goal assisted by strome and panarin from a couple games ago

    21. GnastyGnar

      Sure barzal is #1 in the list but Mackinnon is in here twice. 😏

      1. Bryan H

        @GnastyGnar Lol barzal has 3 goals on here pal, no need to hate. We all know how good Mackinnon is.

      2. GnastyGnar

        @Nicholas Maggi you must not watch a lot of Mack highlights then 🤣

      3. Nicholas Maggi

        @GnastyGnar I don’t see MacKinnin blowing through 4 players from coast to coast and scoring

      4. GnastyGnar

        @Justin Winsjansen and yet they were still just "meh"

      5. Justin Winsjansen

        They put all 3 barzal's goal in 1 spot so the could fit Mackinnon on a second time.

    22. Matthew Posner

      shocker barzal got 3 great goals in one game isles rule

      1. Brian Jaeger


    23. Jason Dixon Gaming

      Matt Barzal is too good.

    24. Mr & Mrs Toronto Sports Fan

      Go Leafs Go!!

      1. --

        For the cup!

    25. Brentod 16

      They didn't even show the first half of Mathesons goal lol

      1. --

        salty pens fan

    26. DOne Sports

      Barzal feeling dangerous...

      1. That hockey Kid


    27. AVD_Games

      Barzal at number 1 of course

    28. Tyler Bacchus

      Let’s go Barzy

    29. Isaac Maryles


    30. MSN_ Clan

      I just skipped through he video for my team. lol.

      1. Henry Hahn

        Go isles

    31. Viewslul

      Barzy at number 1 let’s go boios

    32. Nicholas Scalice

      Lets go Barzy

    33. Caden Martin


    34. Matt Sotera


    35. dnated !

      came for The most underrated rookie being in the thumbnail

      1. C

        @dnated ! good point

      2. dnated !

        @C he may be underrated, however he doesn't have the stats like Robertson to make you wonder why no one is talking abt him

      3. C

        Trent Frederic is pretty underrated

      4. Owen the savage Rotz

        @That hockey Kid he was talking about Robertson the thumbnail changed

      5. dnated !

        @That hockey Kid bro just read the other replies

    36. david


    37. Dalibor Patak


      1. Julian Z

        You're not

    38. I’m Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me

      “Congrats To everyone who is early and who found this comment” 😊