What New Skill Did You Learn During Quarantine? | Puck Personality | NHL


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    NHL players reveal new hobbies they learned in quarantine during the past year
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 14 روز


    1. John B

      Pastrnak looks like he just took bear mace to the face

    2. D S

      Pasta looks like he learned how to quit drinking

    3. SatansPooper

      None of these guys went for an amateur radio license ? there are no HAMs in the NHL ?!

    4. ryan

      We need to protect pastrnak at all costs

    5. Tuba Tuck

      kopi the goat

    6. End of the World

      I want a pee sample from Pasta.

    7. Samantha Kay-Crile

      Nobody: Hockey players after almost every word: "uhhhhh..."

    8. Sly Habsguy

      New skills are always good...lol. Also all you hockey fans out there, especially Habs fans please check out coach Frenchy from "Hockey Nation live show ". Great guy and needs supporters and subscribers

    9. Shcabby

      Imagine ROR going hard af w the dishes

    10. Shea Weber Fan 101

      Ask Shea some questions please

    11. Adam Smith

      Pastrnak looks like a man out of a binge

    12. Andrei Kostitsyn

      Eichel looks like he’d work at RadioShack with that hair and his love for the keyboard.

      1. FinLehto -

        Your brother is better

    13. Ian Bats

      Tkachuk looking civilized 😳 Color me surprised.

    14. c4n4d4

      jack eichel is an interesting looking guy

    15. Juanjose Pazmino

      jamie benn: i learned to binge-watch and fit more ketchup chips into my mouth than ever before

    16. RassiOutdoors

      My guy Drai knows what’s up!!!!!!

    17. Sam Hayes

      You can tell pasta has a scrap then walked right off the ice straight into this interview 😂

    18. Risen Tamang

      How to trade stocks, made 20k, just bought a condo lol.

    19. ukkelis kukkelis

      Bro what the hell happened to Pasta

    20. antroidi

      Kane: rap.. rapping

    21. lazkov ́

      so cool

    22. Corey redding

      whats wrong with pasta's eyes?

    23. Shreks Swamp

      Pasta looks like he been up for a week doing blow

    24. Steve-o Moreno

      Jamie Benn: Ketchup Chips.

    25. Laura Márquez

      “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💞


      Jack eichel did not look happy in this video

      1. Zayd Mamun


    27. aC Vk

      Is fat growing a skill? Cause I really figured that out...

    28. Maximilian Goetz

      Jordie Benn: "I learned how to love ketchup chips (thx bro)"

    29. NHLOHL3462


    30. Aamir Lila

      Eichel looks STRESSED

    31. Tom Jones

      I learned that if I poison my lawn I don't have to mow it anymore

    32. Alexander Schoenholz

      me now :go rangers me when the leafs win the first round: go leafs go

      1. Rafu Heikkinen


    33. Tyler Elenberger

      I see Draisaitl still didn’t learn how to smile 😐

    34. Tiger Ramcharitar

      Why is matthew thackuks voice nice

    35. Mikey C

      The plandemic strikes again

    36. H Vũ

      O’Reilly ever the practical man. ✨😄👌🏻 Go Blues.

      1. LoKei13

        Maybe they can bother to win the next game....

    37. Hafsah

      everything i learn about thomas chabot makes me love him more. he's just a good boy who wants to do puzzles!

    38. Top Nep

      Buffalo is learning how to win

      1. Nicholas Barnhill

        same with drw

    39. TSPCapital70!


    40. Alexander G.T.Laurencelle

      Pasta looks toasteddd

    41. Multiyapples

      Nice job to learn how to cook.

    42. Oakdragon

      Jamie Benn: speed eating ketchup chips

    43. Predator Hunting Obsession

      Let’s see, I learned better edge control in net and how to fly fish lol

    44. Louie Friesen

      Jamie Benn: How to multiply ketchup chips

    45. chattiermike140

      Pasta looks like he just crawled out of a 36 hour bender at a Vegas casino

      1. Callme _Loch


      2. Susie Melynchuk

        SO TRUE!!!!

      3. LoKei13

        And about to go back for round 2

    46. Rob Cruzen

      How to fear and obey.

    47. Murdee6

      WTF has happened to Pasta?!

    48. vedicardi

      eichel and tkachuk start a band

    49. David Goaternak

      Lol pasta looks so sauced

    50. Hockey Boy101

      Try something new

    51. I'm The Table

      Eichel musician career still better than Sabres this year.

    52. Aleksi Käärminen

      and all i learned was that i have depression 😀

      1. Rafu Heikkinen

        Everyone in finland does 😂

      2. LoKei13

        Most of us do a little (social media makes it worse) but add in covid...FFFFFFFFFFF

    53. warmowed

      seth jones playing video games with his team is such a funny idea. Imagine playing against the blue jackets and not knowing it lol. Also if he played NHL 21 that would be very meta :p

    54. Lindsay Williams

      Pasta, you good?

    55. Tyler Steele

      My man Pasta learned the cup song during quarantine, why is that so fitting 😂

      1. Furious BearGaming

        He should use the gun version 😲

      2. Hockey Mate

        Because quarantine is the only place he will get the chance to sing it

      3. Brentod 16

        @Vxkaz pretty much yep

      4. Vxkaz

        @Brentod 16 and still top 5 players in the league

      5. Brentod 16

        @Shadow Gamer Sir they didn't name him pasta His name isn't pasta pastrnak lol it's David But pasta for his last name... technically you can call the whole family a Bowl o spaghetti lol

    56. MegaRed 320

      Is Pasta ok?

    57. Alison

      I learned how to 'Can' goods..self taught with the help of You Tube..yay me.

    58. showmowful

      how is nobody talking about Pasta, dude just came off a bender

      1. Jacob Mahler

        What’re you talkin about. He’s clearly still on it 🤣

    59. Miro Leppäsalo

      Don't worry Jack, you'll soon have more time to continue with your musician career

      1. Aiden Burnham

        Shots fired

      2. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        he's been out so it's not like there's much else to do

    60. DjDiscoDolphin

      Why are there so many comments about Jamie Benn and ketchup chips

      1. Jackz BroBruh

        Literally none are about Jamie Benn

      2. Ian Bats

        Because in 2 puck personality episodes, Benn said ketchup chips. It's an overused hockey meme that went on to be annoying now.

      3. MJ4 Sports

        He loves them

    61. Pushpinder Sekhon


    62. Disney Fan

      Jamie Benn... I learned how to make homemade ketchup chips 😂

    63. Ruge

      Jamie Benn: I learned how to eat a party bag of ketchup chips

      1. Louie Friesen

        ...in 5 minutes

    64. Alex The Football Lover


    65. Big Bass Wyatt


    66. Ryan Braff


    67. Slaper31


      1. Toca with Promise


    68. Pathockey 14

      Jamie benn: how to maximize the most amount of ketchup chips I can eat

      1. Pathockey 14

        @Hume's Spoon indeed

      2. Hume's Spoon

        Keep the meme alive

      3. dnated !

        he too busy worrying about eating rather than scoring

      4. Ecks Dee

        Of course the second comment I see is a Jamie Benn ketchup chips joke

    69. Manuel Elliott

      oh my god this is so stupid

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        @alt qq that was a little unnecessary my guy

      2. Alison


      3. alt qq

        not really, that just means you have no real social life and don’t like seeing anyone else talk about their good times

    70. Luciano Horwath


    71. Mustafa Khan


      1. Jaakko Knutti

        @Mustafa Khan lol

      2. Mustafa Khan

        @Jaakko Knutti lol

      3. Jaakko Knutti

        I am first!

    72. 24k Wizard


      1. 24k Wizard

        @Toca with Promise what ur favourite team

      2. 24k Wizard

        @Toca with Promise cap lol

      3. Toca with Promise


    73. NathanHockey29


    74. Ryan Braff


      1. Jaakko Knutti

        I am first!

    75. Jaakko Knutti