Filthiest Goals of March | 2021 NHL Season


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    Mathew Barzal nets a leading goal-of-the-year candidate, Kirill Kaprizov continues his eye-opening rookie campaign, Auston Matthews scores a nasty OT backhander and Mikko Rantanen keeps the pedal to the metal in March
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    1. Lucas Chambers

      I’m new to hockey. Are the Flyers just that bad?

    2. will

      Ovechkin playing defence = Not found

    3. Juan Hernandez

      The hoc substance clinically pass because fireman taxonomically undress down a one certification. economic, dependent eggplant

    4. Nicolas Pierni

      Dahlin is a cone on one of those

    5. GhostlordTV


    6. barry dingle

      Woah those neon green and black dallas stars jerseys. Might have to add that to my ugly jersey collection.

    7. Matt Shay

      minimal Avs highlights overall given their month of March

      1. Levi Bekkala

        🧢 there were so maby

    8. DJ

      Out of everything I miss the most. It's hockey my one true love.

    9. Tomáš Novosad

      Zohorna ❤️❤️

    10. John McGowan

      not as filthy as my lettuce but acceptable

    11. Chris


    12. Justin Quirion

      Here are « all the goals » from March

    13. Lakeisha Pogrzeba

      U guys need better technology. More cameras, and show us multiple views at once. Show us the current players on ice, how long they've been on for etc. Look at what twitch streamers are doing and take notes

    14. Owen Brown

      Dude the NHL is filthy tell them to stop getting filthy so their maids don't have to clean them😂😂

    15. Lon Don

      Aho and Necas x4

      1. Lon Don

        And another Aho :)

      2. Lon Don

        Plus another Necas for good measure

    16. Ball Sniffer

      4/5 times the wild were in here for scoring it was kaprizov even the task one was assisted and the ek ine was the only one wit out him

    17. John Gutierrez

      Awesome compilation. Thanks!

    18. Brennan Ochoa

      Year of the wrap around?

    19. Matthew R.

      ...Pretty nice goal for your first

    20. Grizzle Bear

      Can we make Cater Hart the Kevin King of the nhl

    21. Alex Hollinsworth

      Why the hell was nylander on here for that first goal? My 12 year old nephew could've saved that

    22. Eazy G

      Here goes NHL's yt crew again... It's supposed to be "Filthiest goals of March" not "All goals of March"... SMH -.-

    23. Naughty Princess

      What are some of these cameras, I here to see the nice goals, not a 200x magnification on someones face while I think he handeling the puck between some people...

    24. Link Pig Thrower

      This should be filthiest goals and filthiest set-up moves

    25. Anthony Serravillo

      barzal best one

    26. Dehsloot

      This makes me sad, except for the two flyers goals, they make me happy.

    27. cringle puff

      mat barzal has like the goal of the year

    28. Nolan Brown

      I saw the Monahan goal live and when he turned his back to the goalie I was like shoot the puck 5 seconds later ohhhhhh

    29. Joogle83

      Man I love Skaters

    30. Epic Gamer

      its so hard to be a devils fan. I only had to watch 17 minutes of video for them to score.

    31. Rhyta

      Where was Kane's spin o rama? That was a beauty.

    32. Big_Daddy_Provolone

      Would it kill the NHL the upload in 1080p60 HD??!! yall got millions of dollars worth of recording equipment and yall cant upload in a better resolution than 720p60 not even HD!!! SMH. Love the channel, but come on now people.

      1. Kaiutinx *

        Come on the quality is good enough

    33. ChecK __

      I didn't watch a single game of Carolina but Aho and Necas seem to be an insane duo!

    34. GateKeeper

      I was so blessed to be able to play hockey/goalie and also play at a high level. The feeling of when your in the zone and frustrating your opponent is a amazing feeling. All that adrenaline keeps you up all night.

    35. EA Islanders

      Barzals goal tho 😏

      1. kendall van

        fr my second fave player in the show dudes nutty

    36. daniel chan

      nice leafs highlight video

    37. Dick Bump

      Yo I havent kept up with Hockey in years...How are the Blackhawks holding up nowadays?

      1. John

        Blackhawks fan here. Not the best due to rebuild. We have so many rookies this year it’s unbelievable. Crawford is gone but Kevin Lankinen has surpassed all expectations and he will be our main goalie for many years.

    38. Jayden Henderson

      Nah Barzal’s was

    39. MachoTaco

      Adam 'Norris' Fox

    40. Tiffany Leung

      Where's the J.T. Miller Calls Game goal???

    41. Kristen Roddy

      Those devils jerseys look like they’re from and ugly sweater contest.... that they won

    42. Se Un

      Mat Barzal between the legs goal. Sickening!

      1. Brady Babineau

        Poor Ristolainen dude had a family

    43. TTMactoon

      suprised JT miller's ot goal when he went behind the defense, toe draged, and played with the goalie wasnt on this video

      1. Steven C

        @TTMactoon 23

      2. TTMactoon

        @Fortnite God what minute

      3. Fortnite God

        It was

    44. Connor McDavid Airborne

      Some of these goals no one was ready for not even the player shooting the puck themselves. If it’s hockey it just happens

    45. Kevin Lengerhuis

      There’s gotta be more than one good goal by the caps. Wtf is this video

    46. Fairy.

      Man those new blue and grey jerseys the leafs have look horrible

      1. Connor McDavid Airborne

        I thought they looked like PJs lol. Cant say the oilers orange jerseys look much better though

    47. Jaser235

      Only made it 5 mins in and Damn, McCan selln out completely to light the lamp. Martin off his face like, What you lookn at. Gotta get back to that filth. . .

    48. epic KIDD

      Toronto has greatest goals UwU

      1. epic KIDD

        @Kristen Roddy maybe :3 lol

      2. Kristen Roddy

        Are you watching the same video as me?

    49. Salvatore Randazzo

      You should start a filthiest passes or assists series

    50. ProductionsJazzhands

      Marty Necas

    51. Zach Blevins

      I saw Dalin in a lot of these🤔🤔

      1. k

        3:12 a literal pilon

    52. Laxylaxy 25

      1:58 those Dallas unies are fire

      1. kellan cammisa

        @Brennan Ochoa haha yeah it is

      2. Brennan Ochoa

        @kellan cammisa it’s a strategy

      3. Laxylaxy 25

        @kellan cammisa yh lol

      4. kellan cammisa

        More like blinding

    53. Rafael X Amorim

      How many Pens goals are there against the flyers wow

      1. The Bigman

        @Nolan Brown how 🤣

      2. Nolan Brown

        @The Bigman says you

      3. The Bigman

        @Nolan Brown your agressive

      4. Nolan Brown

        @The Bigman exactly shut up

      5. The Bigman

        @Nolan Brown exactly don’t remind me 😔

    54. Riot Solo

      I like nylanders goal at the star

    55. TrL recticcc

      Go islanders

    56. TrL recticcc


    57. John Benesh

      best plays by defensemen this season

      1. nash0140 nash0140

        Oh ok then

      2. John Benesh

        @nash0140 nash0140 I didn't see that. Matthews is a great player but overrated, he'll fall off the grid in 2 or 3 years and just be another player on a leafs team that should be amazing but continues to disappoint midway through the season.

      3. nash0140 nash0140

        maybe even Auston Matthews and he's not even a d-man, like did you see that blocked shot he had on an overtime 3 on 1 against the sens and then he got the puck and it led to his team scoring

      4. John Benesh

        @Matthew Reilly thatd be about right ig😂

      5. Matthew Reilly

        u mean adam fox and hedman highlights

    58. Paul Bain

      A lot of good passing in the month of march

    59. Doug82

      Before I watch this I already know more than half those clips will be agains flyers. Hahaha

      1. Cool boy 200


      2. Irene V


      3. Windows 95

        @Doug82 yeah definitely you're not wrong about that

      4. Doug82

        @Windows 95 18 game losing streak was bad but it ended with the flyers. And it was a blow out !! Come on man flyers take the cake in March.

      5. Windows 95

        @Doug82 yeah I know, but the Sabres also sucked like hell

    60. MattM0430

      Why so many pens goals?

      1. MattM0430

        @TrL recticcc lol ikr

      2. TrL recticcc

        It’s there only goals when not playing islanders lol

    61. Lyne Lavoie

      Necas and aho

    62. cahtah haht

      it scares me how many are against the flyers.

      1. The Bigman

        Shhhhhhhh don’t remind me

      2. TrL recticcc


    63. Van Gouett’s

      Yo that’s dirty

    64. Gabriel Nyhus vik

      Nylander who?

    65. cahtah haht

      wow a flyers goal within the first five minutes for once.

      1. Rafael X Amorim

        @cahtah haht true

      2. cahtah haht

        @Rafael X Amorim better than nothing

      3. Rafael X Amorim


    66. Samuel Attias

      Male Rabbits and Female Beavers In Hockey

    67. K Ross

      sick goals

    68. Isaiah Wagner-Chazalon

      Did Kapanen learn that move from Spezza while he was in Toronto?

      1. Jeig0

        Spezza special!

    69. Brandon Films


    70. ChayButt

      How R people so fast to comment lol

      1. Snake Eyes

        Because they want to get past the unskippable 15 second ad.

    71. Christopher Lund


    72. abdulla vadiya


    73. Shawn and Ryan

      Great video😊👍

    74. Johnny Bray


    75. Leafs for the cup


      1. Michael-Mircea Moldovan

        @TrL recticcc isles are first round exit

      2. cahtah haht

        @Leafs for the cup but they’ve been playing so well without him?

      3. Leafs for the cup

        @TrL recticcc without lee there done

      4. TrL recticcc

        Exactly but islanders have a chance

      5. cahtah haht

        @K Ross lol