Best 3-on-3 Overtime and Shootout Moments from Week 8 | NHL


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    Relive the overtime of the season between the Lightning and Blackhawks, gorgeous game winners from Nichuskin and Matthews and unthinkable saves from Rinne and Price
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    1. Caleb Hoeft

      Great announcing by the Hawks announcer (wild fan here)

    2. AVD_Games

      I never realized how entertaining the 3 on 3 overtime is when it’s not your team giving you a heart attack.

    3. mikey oneal

      That's second ducks avs when he scores he says and scores so quietly

    4. Tomáš Novosad

      Point : OH whar a goal😂

    5. Pat Ward

      That Tampa/ Hawks game ending was nuts

    6. A Fischer

      Subban... That's a hat pick.

    7. Lucas De Fruita

      Someone get this Vegas announcer a nose rinse he sounds like a choker like his organization 🤣

    8. Piper Thomas

      Wow. No particular allegiance to the Leafs, but that goal was beautiful.

    9. Sean Nance

      Nashville announcers might want to ease up on the homerism. Starting to sound like Jack Edwards back there.

      1. Ilip Orsberg

        Listen to the avs if you want homers

      2. Ilip Orsberg

        Oh please willy is the most optimistic announcer out there, it's chris mason that points out the bullcrap lol that isn't homerism

    10. Jehd

      no flyers vs sabres? the ot was intense and the goals in the shootout were sweet

    11. Aaron Bray

      Rinne's save on Pavs though. As a Stars fan, I'm not even mad. It was just That Good of a save.

    12. Conner Molnar

      bro tampa vs blackhawks i was on my feet the whole overtime lol

      1. TheLucky OrtonRkO

        I know right lol

    13. LePooyeu

      Were is vrana goal

    14. C J

      Hawks vs Tampa for best OT of the year

      1. RJ Haney

        The only OT that I've seen that was ever as good as that was a random regular season game between the Hurricanes and the Panthers three years ago.

      2. Derek Ritch

        I agree nice to see the hawks coming to life

    15. Desmond Thomas

      Good grief! That Avs homer commentator on the Ducks OT goal. How is he employed!?

      1. JustNato

        If your talking about when the ducks scored and won that’s how he calls almost every goal against the avalanche unless it’s like an amazing shot or pass play.

    16. yannyburger

      3on 3 ots and shoot outs are not hockey.

      1. Quantum Tp

        Cry more bro

      2. Drew Mason

        I think they should do 5 min. 5v5 then 5 min 4v4 and then if the game is still going 5min 3v3. If it’s not done by then I think they should do a shoot out.

      3. Andrew Banocy

        Right? Everyone knows 3v3 and shootouts are from baseball 🙄

    17. Silith

      Rinnes save was insane

    18. Brendan C

      I don't have a lot of love for the leafs or mathews but .... damn

    19. Toby Rollo

      3-on-3 pond hockey OT is an embarrassingly silly gimmick.

      1. Andrew Banocy

        We get it, you don’t like 3v3, you don’t have to comment it on every OT video

    20. thebestgamerjosh

      Sick vid!

    21. Irish-Austrian

      NOW SHOOTS *scores*

      1. Silith

        Mans foretold the future 💀

    22. Krish Shankar

      Tomas Tatar = 🤡

    23. D Ealy

      Where is Staals OT game winner???? Aho to Necas in OT???????? Canes are first over all and are on a 7 game winning streak and still no love.

      1. Tyler Kurz

        Yeah, the NHL has never been particularly fond of the hurricanes. Something really spectacular has to happen for a canes highlight to come up

    24. shmuel1979

      3 goals in the final 8 minutes by the panthers to tie it 4-4 LFG

    25. Clay M

      Glad they included the Toronto one from last night

      1. Matty_ice13

        Probably got the idea from it

    26. Shadow Gamer

      matthews beauty though

    27. bluxiiee

      NHL never includes the caps 🙄✋

    28. Milan Gelman

      Early, NHL please respond, nice saves

    29. Buc10Preds25 10

      Rinne’s save though was insane

    30. Oshie The Corgi

      Why no Vrana :(

    31. Bizzle

      early lets go boston

    32. Panchick

      waw mega best hokej in 2021

    33. Logan Brush

      I was about to say if the hawks vs tampa weren't in here I was gonna scream

      1. Leo Anders

        dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. Find it on google :)

      2. bR1XX4n

        Felt like watching tennis.

    34. Tanner Macdonald


      1. Mark Syvret

        Get a life

    35. Wes McCauley