Top 10 Goals from Week 9 | 2021 NHL Season


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    Incredible set ups from Marchand, Oshie, Larkin and Tavares and beautiful finishes from Matthews and Kaprizov
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    1. Seba

      Matthew's only got #1 because he's Matthew's. Marchands was better, and I hate the guy.

    2. tim downer

      Missing Brayden Point going around back of net finding space and wristing a beauty, and Ross Coltons break away one on 3 and scores back hand forehand backhand threw the 5 hole

    3. Jacob Jerome

      Matthews goal was nice but not number 1

    4. nathaniel jones

      How was Matthews number 1. I hate to say I but marchands was probably better It’s only there because it was Mathews

    5. Ricky Peters

      Honestly I think oshies goal should've been at 1

    6. Msota 2

      That Russian kid gonna be top 3 players in the league in few years.

    7. Opie&Frenchy

      2nd is much better than the first one...

    8. Jef Coble

      Not gonna lie, number 10 was better than 1. That Mattews goal wasn't THAT great.

      1. cypinax

        I don’t think it deserves #1 as Tavares play was definitely better itself but it was definitely that great

    9. Сибиряк

      Всё понятно. Надо было перемотать, посмотреть кто на первом..

    10. shiv sixohfor

      Where's the Horvat goal vs oilers? That was a beauty

    11. Patrick S

      So not top 10 'goals,' but rather top 10 dangles/stickhandling/whatever before an actual goal.

      1. josh palmer

        What do you want

    12. Oz

      C'mon man, the Backstrom goal doesn't count, it was those guys first day playing hockey ever.

    13. Galarian Victory

      Happy Saint Patrick's Day

    14. Brian Berthiaume

      Kaprizov’s edge work is a thing of beauty

      1. Trevor Barnes

        @Jesper Nash I couldn't agree more. He was told he needs to attempt a minimum of 10 shots a game. The only problem with him and zuc is they both love to set others up. Not really a problem as long as someone is scoring

      2. Jesper Nash

        His one on one skills and passing ability are so unbelievably good I end up saying WOW ten times a game

      3. Trevor Barnes

        He's so nasty. I traded for him in a 5 player keeper fantasy league for peanuts in the early going of the season. Hes gonna be a top 5 player in this league for years to come.

    15. Fredrik VanBeuren

      God this guy karill is going to be a phenom

      1. Clypser

        Look at the 1st goal on the list

    16. Christian Hill

      Love when there's a graphic covering a quarter of the screen, totally not distracting at all

      1. Isaac Frohlich

        I never noticed it until I saw your comment

    17. Matt Oilers12

      Kaprizov was insane felt like watching Gretzky again

    18. canned pineapple

      Draisatl is amazing but 10 and 6 needed to be swapped. This guy gets his first nhl goal swatting it out of midair off a stick save, that deserves a couple spots higher l

    19. Zane Levy

      Lol number three is just Buffalo being absolute garbage

    20. Tyler Belanger

      man all these leaf fans must be in heaven. leafs look so goo yet they are basically playing in an AHL caliber league lol.

      1. Godric L


    21. dallas77 trazo

      Leon Draisaitl...👌👌👌❤💪💪💪

    22. HYPERmaxbtw

      Finally us canes fans are in the top ten

    23. TimoStr 07

      Leon Draisaitl❤🇩🇪

    24. Auston Matthews


      1. Matt Oilers12

        Of course you’d say that you’re a bias leafs fan But it was a nice goal though

    25. Nitrix -_-

      There was better ones on this list then #1

    26. Michael Paul

      Lomberg's first nhl goal was a PIECE

    27. Joe Mcconaghy

      Ovi’s goal should have been #1

    28. Hyperion Inc

      That Camera work and angles in Detroit is just nauseating.

    29. King

      #5 that kid is just amazing glad the wild picked him up👍

    30. Samuel Napier

      Soo good

    31. Brentod 16

      Number 8 wasn't that good, but they put it there because of the people who did it And number 1 matthews did the same move that he has done 20 times before... not impressive anymore...

      1. Brentod 16

        @Godric L ikr it's not even that hard to do lol I'm a hockey player and I do it all the time lol

      2. Godric L

        With that in mind, can we stop putting between-the-legs goals at number one?

      3. Brentod 16

        @Jeremy Tang oh so he has even more open ice to do it..

      4. Jeremy Tang

        It's an OT winner

      5. Brentod 16

        @Levi Bueckert 🤦‍♂️ 1 I never said I was good 2 he is good but it's not worth the highlight if he did it 20 times already

    32. Thomas H.

      John Tavares is so good at small stuff like that

    33. Steelers Dude

      #10 deserves to be higher on the list

      1. Nick Moffat

        @Jack Kenny it was a good goal, I was watching the game, if it wasn’t a goal then it wouldn’t be on nhls top 10 goals of week 9

      2. Jack Kenny

        Wasnt a goal high stick

    34. Wili Laiho


    35. FortniteGamer 59

      What about Angello’s goal?!

    36. KickzFromDa6ix

      Damn the Florida goal, was pretty good for a first goal

      1. KickzFromDa6ix

        @Star Petal Arts laf exists lol

      2. Gonzalez Family

        @Star Petal Arts loms is a rookie? didn’t know that

      3. Star Petal Arts

        Pretty certain, so far each rookie goal this season has been a beauty.

      4. KickzFromDa6ix

        @Jack Kenny nah it was good, what are you talking about?

      5. Gonzalez Family

        @Jack Kenny nah it was clean ur just a salty cbj fan

    37. Doug Dimmadome

      sheesh that aho snipe was filthy

      1. D Ealy

        He has had many like this this year. The NHL just doesn't show the Canes unless they are getting scored on.

    38. Yee T

      Jesus Loves U

    39. Magmaloveshockey18


      1. Magmaloveshockey18

        @MasterBruce1984 EXACTLY

      2. MasterBruce1984

        No love for a) MacKinnon's one-timer, b) Kadri's toe-drag. #GoAvsGo

      3. Magmaloveshockey18

        @Yee T you as well

      4. Yee T

        Jesus loves. U

    40. Bart Plays

      Happy st Patrick’s day everyone!

      1. Kristen Roddy

        @canned pineapple will do

      2. Hugo Vendette

        @Kristen Roddy happy birthday to your dog 🎉

      3. canned pineapple

        @Kristen Roddy tell ur dog i said happy birthday

      4. Kristen Roddy

        Thx it’s my dogs bday🤩

      5. Hugo Vendette

        @Yee T jesus dont exist

    41. Luciano Horwath


    42. willtheleafsfan