Top 10 Goals from Week 10 | 2021 NHL Season


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    Mikko Rantanen continues his torrid pace with a spectacular goal, Calle Jarnkrok shows off his hand-eye coordination and Mika Zibanejad breaks out in a big way!
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    1. Le Cachalot

      Nice compilation

    2. 준호현

      The heavenly heavy hellish structure identically transport because barber superficially drag pace a raspy wing. hurried, ancient dust


      how was the second zibanejad goal not a cross check? just curious

    4. Joey Rametta

      Double dose of Mika magic 🪄😏✌🏻

    5. Sax Pax

      NHL why can’t you upload the video for 1080p 60fps ??? We need better quality man

    6. Edward Fox

      Top 10 Goals from Week 10 Not Scored by McDavid or Draisaitl

    7. Nicholas

      how does zibanejad get here when he slashs dilly and gets a bad goal

    8. Thrasher 47

      as a rangers fan the rangers would really like Jt Miller back

    9. Lt_Echelon YT

      I don't know how to feel toward Miller's goal as a hab fan, wow that was nast

    10. The Colorado Kid

      Mikko's goal shouldve been #1 imo

    11. MrFancyLizard

      Anyone else want to know what this song is in the video?

    12. Richie Plays

      notice 5 of them were east division

    13. Robbie

      I don't think the portable tv sign is big enough, it's only covering 1/4 of the screen

    14. Tom Allnatt

      The Moose got Loose!! Miko has been incredible this season.

    15. Liam Pett

      where is skinner???

    16. Insert Last name

      Rantanens should’ve been #1

      1. Jesus Christ

        Nah Miller deserved it

    17. Chris

      Not gonna lie I really didn't like the Colton goal . That kind of contact with the goal, even being after the puck crossed the line, shouldn't be allowed. Give him the goal and a penalty at the very least.

      1. Chris

        @romaliop 100%. As far as I'm concerned, that was incidental contact after the play. He made absolutely zero effort to not make contact with the goalie. This loophole in the rules need to change

      2. romaliop

        Agreed, there's no way that isn't an (goalie) interference penalty if the goalie actually made the save. It's only fair to give the penalty in due time, which in this case is when the goal is scored and play stops. The goalie interference that is reviewable has nothing to do with penalties anyway.

      3. An Evolving Ape

        It certainly shouldn't be a goal of the week. If I could just ram the goalie and slide the puck around him I'd do it every game.

      4. Chris

        @Matt T I think you meant "weak af" as the "s" doesn't exist in that phrase. Also, you're weak AF. Goalies don't play full contact sports.

      5. Matt T

        that’s weak asf

    18. Gestr

      Lol suzuki just laughs after getting undressed by miller

      1. Soul For Death

        true respect on the play

    19. Captain Chaos 91

      I know my team ain’t in here lol

    20. Julian Z

      Two Zibby goals. You love to see it.

    21. Dylan Patel

      Spezza snipe vs Calgary?

      1. Aries Hky

        Although it’s a good goal, it’s not top tier

    22. Daniel McMuffin

      roope against tampa 😠

    23. D Ealy

      Before I even start watching this, there better be at least one of the Necas/Aho duo goals! I've seen so many average McJesus and the Oilers goals on here and this pair have been ignored but once!

      1. D Ealy

        @Louie Friesen Yeah I'm used to it. LOL

      2. Louie Friesen

        sorry to disappoint

    24. TDamage G4MES

      Is this the new game mode in fortnite? If so it looks like fun.

      1. TheRealTinyMack


    25. Patrick Busche

      this was such a nasty week for goals

    26. Alexandre Lambert

      The Coleman goal on Lankinen should not be allowed. You shouldn’t be able to ram into the goalie. A goalies instinct would tell him to protect himself over save the puck. So it’s not fair @NHL

      1. Nick Faulkner

        @Christian ThiessenHow is that not goalie interference? I completely I agree that should be goalie interference you shouldn’t be allowed to ram into a goalie full speed lets see you try to make that save with someone coming at you full speed

      2. Alexandre Lambert

        @Jarrad Bruessel I’m saying they should change the ruling. Obviously it’s a good goal. But in the future it shouldn’t be.

      3. Jarrad Bruessel

        @Alexandre Lambert as a goalie, what colton did isn't a penalty and the goal should be allowed. We are always expecting to be ran in to. His team should have at least shoved colton and told him that's not ok.

      4. D Ealy

        The puck was in before the goalie was rammed. Better question is why didn't Chicago go after Colman? Good goal but he should have had to answer for the ramming of the goalie.

      5. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        im just gonna paste what I said in another comment: I can see why people would question that there was GI, but it's so hard to tell even on .25 speed. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, the stick was completely wrapped around the pad of the goalie before any contact, while it looks like the puck was still on the blade. it would've been impossible to save regardless. as far as protecting himself over the puck, I've seen plenty of goalies put their body on the line making saves like this, including Lanksy, and it's pretty clear he got beat by a quick set of hands. happens to the best of em

    27. Pammy Highlights

      Let’s goo J.T. Miller!!

    28. mendy sandler


    29. Benjamin Osborne

      If you ever think you’re stupid just know that some people think there’s goalie interference on goal #5

      1. An Evolving Ape

        @Jérémy Jean That''s what I thought too. He wasn't pushed into the goalie either which would be a different thing altogether. I'm not sure if that goal should count and certainly it shouldn't be a goal of the week.

      2. Luukas

        @Jérémy Jean Yeah you're absolutely right. I think it the goal should be allowed but you'd get a penalty for goalie interference after. Anyways sounds pretty stupid that you can just absolutely throttle the goalie inside his crease as long as you're the puck carrier.

      3. not2tees

        @Jérémy Jean I don't like the crashing into the goalie at all. No class and not hockey, more like football.

      4. Jérémy Jean

        It's clearly not GI, but it feels weird that you're allowed to charge and crash into the goalie as long as the puck enters the net before. Goalies are basically not allowed to get out of the way when a 90kg guy is speeding toward them at 30km/h. They pretty much have to let themselves get run over.

      5. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        I can see why people would question that there was GI, but it's so hard to tell even on .25 speed. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, the stick was completely wrapped around the pad of the goalie before any contact, while it looks like the puck was still on the blade. it would've been impossible to save regardless. colton looks like a promising rookie for the Lightning and was a huge factor in that game. big reason why we lost both games to the bolts :(

    30. ilesgirl9

      Omg number 4 best by far

      1. Jarrad Bruessel

        It was definitely a nice first goal for sure

      2. Shawn Cote


    31. Zach Blevins

      Mika twice what a treat

    32. Raphael Sailer

      3 of em are from Devils vs Pens

      1. FortniteGamer 59

        Kinda mad about that except for Rust’s goal

      2. mendy sandler


    33. Jaya White

      so cool

    34. Patrick sullivan

      So basically. That was nasty

    35. Ralfs Kalnins

      Aah J.T. Miller goal was nasty still think he is one of the most underrated nhl players

      1. Danny

        J.T. is a great player. He’s the one guy I wish the Rangers hung onto during the rebuild.

      2. Kylie Winsor


      3. Cippy YT

        He definitely is

    36. Pammy Highlights

      Hello NHL

    37. Randomly Random

      Reply to this comment your fav team plz

      1. Lincoln 101


      2. That CANUCKS Fan


      3. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        Tompa Bay Buccaneers

      4. ORCA1500


      5. Wes McCauley

        Quebec Bulldogs

    38. thehabsfanatic


    39. Sheev’s Studio

      all hail cale

    40. Wes McCauley