What TV Shows Did NHLers Binge-Watch During Quarantine? | Puck Personality


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    Patrick Kane, Leon Draisaitl, Sidney Crosby, David Pastrnak and more reveal the television shows that helped them get through 2020
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    1. Ian Bats

      Hart watched Goliath? Then why does he act and look like a David in front of the net? 🤷

    2. Quinn Greene (STUDENT)

      Kane looks like pavel barber

    3. YQR Aviation

      Patty Kane = Big Mandalorian guy

    4. Shcabby

      Never know what Hertl is saying, but I love him

    5. selene hoffman

      wow didn’t expect to see “All American” or “Jack Ryan” but super impressed with Matthew tkachuk and carter hart

    6. Ian Ibarbia

      Gally with The Queen's Gambit was a pleasant surprise! Great show for sure!

    7. Ryan Spurvey

      Carter hart needs to watch less shows and train harder because he’s been like Swiss cheese all year

    8. Levon McGonigle

      binged Fugget About It

    9. Cubsluggerr

      I was expecting a cobra Kai in there 🥊

    10. Brayden Houston Gaard

      I don´t know why people like watching the office

    11. Lisa Bus

      They keep on forgetting the Rangers

    12. Rodney Clark

      I thought there would be more yellow stone

    13. Mason Stoltz 28

      captain SPURG

    14. Andy Holland

      Kind of disappointed none of them said LetterKenny.

    15. Skywalker

      ted lasso is a good one

    16. 716Beast

      Jesus Pastrnak looks terrible

    17. cahtah haht

      i’m going to go watch goliath and jack ryan now 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    18. Spatn Hpen

      Jamie benn: I’ve never watched a tv show, I just eat ketchup chips

    19. habshabsrule

      Crosby knows! Watched Ted Lasso too. Awesome show. 🙌💁‍♂️

    20. Oakdragon

      Jamie Benn: I don’t binge watch unless I have ketchup chips

    21. Ryan P

      They should call it puck lack-of-personalities cuz these guys all have the personality depth of a piece of toast.

      1. heliumtrophy

        A piece of toast might have more personality. Just saying.

      2. Daniel Dong

        so true lol

      3. cahtah haht


    22. C.

      The OC, what a throwback lol

      1. Vanessa Stegall


    23. C

      Here before the top comment is about Ketchup chips

    24. C

      Jamie Benn: I binged my favorite cooking show “How to make Ketchup Chips”

      1. bk21

        @Jacob Lee not that funny when it’s the same overused joke from almost 3 years ago

      2. Jacob Lee

        @josh palmer you are a grumpy person because you have a not happy face on your picture we’re I chat

      3. josh palmer

        This will never not be funny

      4. Earlene Feltham

        LOL definitely

      5. Alex


    25. Luke Pilon

      Jesus pasternak is straight ripped 😂

      1. LeafsFanForever


    26. Alexa Seymour

      good to see aho on there

    27. Kaity Waddell

      love the lack of personality, go girl give us nothing!

    28. Juanjose Pazmino

      jamie benn: i watched ketchup chips: the show

    29. Brentod 16

      Why does pasta look like he has covid lol

      1. Brentod 16

        @Peter Polak 🤣

      2. Peter Polak

        He sniffed some yummy powder just before the video


      I like how they call it Puck personality but everyone in this has 0 personality in this lol

    31. Tiko isaqt#1

      Barkovs biggest fan


      Look at Jack man...... Poor guy look what the sabres have done to him! And Patrick Kane The both look so sad being stuck in dead end teams (Blackhawks are doing better but this man has been to the top now look at them)

      1. TheCat12

        Kane always looks sad. Even when we were a dynasty

    33. Tiko isaqt#1

      The office?Y

    34. BoyNamed_Sue

      Pastrnak looks like he's in suffering from bad allergies.

      1. Evan Partridge

        @Aaro.K looks like it could be eczema

      2. cahtah haht

        @Peter Polak no bro. just too much barbie girl.

      3. Peter Polak

        @Aaro.K meth

      4. Peter Polak

        More like suffering from using meth

      5. Aaro.K

        Yeah I was about to ask if somebody knows what‘s up with the skin around his eyes

    35. Ian Bats

      Chara: Two and a Half Men E. Kane: Money Heist P. Kane: Walking Dead Kuznetsov: Breaking Bad Pastrnak: Stranger Things T. Wilson: Sons of Anarchy

    36. Giblitzky

      Patrick Kane is a Star Wars guy let’s goooooooo

    37. Tony G

      Patrick Kane looks like a 60 year old man in the thumbnail.

      1. Teemu H

        That happens when you become father.

      2. Icon of Sin


    38. Firebird 7479

      Even pro hockey players were easily distracted while the leaders of the world were screwing us over. And not one of them said, "I didn't watch anything but I did get laid a lot."

      1. SiddaXe

        wtf lol

    39. Shawzy

      Jamie Benn : Euuuuhhhh Ketchup chips

    40. LeafsFanForever

      Thomas Chabot’s answer: Is it the British or American release of _The Office_

      1. SiddaXe

        What do you think? If I tell someone I watch the office I can’t imagine them thinking I’m talking about the British version lol

    41. fghockey

      Sup chat 😂

    42. HIDarthy

      Sid was the only one who watched Ted Lasso? Such a good show!

      1. Duke Storm88

        At least y’all have the best player on your side

      2. habshabsrule

        Same. It's a great show. I guess it's probably based on "soccer". We here in North America dont pay enough attention to the sport. Football needs more eyes here.

      3. Luke Adams

        Someone finally listened to RA

    43. McLovinTheGoat

      Barkov is so awkward

    44. I5land3r

      Where are all the islanders 😂

    45. Tyler Fathi

      LETS GO PANTHERS!!! 😼🏒🥅🏝

    46. Al44


    47. Jaden Segal

      Suprised Eichel didn't watch Get Out

    48. Tyler Fathi


    49. CDAwarrior12

      Jack is like I have been watching for trade offers

    50. Tyler Fathi


      1. Jasper Yeo

        No, your not.

    51. Георгий Манин


      1. Josh Wojcik

        We don’t need to know that info here dude, come on now

    52. Aiden Morse


      1. Martin Kuchař

        No one cares

    53. the ttv live

      Oh happy tusday

    54. Aiden Morse