Best Saves of March | 2021 NHL Season


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    An unbelievable month of saves including incredible paddle stops from Joonas Korpisalo, a super-human stretch from Alexandar Georgiev and a jaw-dropping game-saver from Mackenzie Blackwood
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    1. Tony Lego films

      Im glad they put adam foxes saves with the empty net

    2. YT Frenksu


    3. Cameron Bird

      so cool very nice saves!!!

    4. Sports Channel_22

      Semyon Varlamov💪 LETS GOOOO!!!! This is mostly the Metropolitan ( or wtvr the name is now)

    5. bluxiiee

      The nhl obviously favorites goalies :/

    6. Riku Hietala

      Finnish goaltenders tho.. Lankinen, Rask, Raanta, Rinne, Saros, Husso, Kähkönen 🇫🇮🇫🇮

    7. Solidplayz 01

      You only live so long so when you see free v bucks take them

    8. FortniteGamer 59

      Finally Gibson and Jarry are in a Best Saves list together

    9. Mauro Adriano Müller


    10. John

      You know it’s a good save when they show the reaction of the shooter and they are just distraught

      1. Adriana S

        You know it’s a great save when they can’t do anything but laugh lol

    11. LoloDodoBebePepe Lolo

      1 time for Vasy ? Srsly? ok thx

      1. Simon Clark

        They made a whole video for him

    12. Ryan Davis

      That Lankinen save on the 3-on-0 was unbelievable

      1. John

        Wasn’t even that miraculous. But stopping a 3-on-0 to save a 41 save shutout makes it an outstanding save

    13. Bangopi

      Fleury: catches puck NHL: bow down

    14. Tristen Mead

      What about grubaur?? He's in the top 3 of save percentage and goals against average. And number one in shut out I believe from the last time I saw. I know he has made some big saves. So where the love on that nhl......

    15. Aer Ding

      Fleury: 7 saves Lankinen: 6 saves Korpisalo: 5 saves Shestyorkin: 5 saves

      1. Stank Squad

        @Brady Babineau it's actually shestyorkin

      2. Brady Babineau


    16. Noah Quesnelle

      I feel like there should’ve been more demko

    17. Gil-galad

      best save of March - from NY Rangers No 23 - Adam Fox

      1. Stank Squad

        Seriously I know I'm a nyr fan but damn those reaction times

      2. Jrdecker 1

        Not even close

    18. Hallen Barter1

      I haven’t watched yet but I know there are going to be a lot of paddle saves

    19. Xavier Dujardin

      Last one was a goal tbh

    20. MajorDstruction

      Wow is the NHL in love with Fluery. A couple of routine glove saves make the cut and a token nod to Petersen. I know Quickie is having a bad season but come on. He made some incredible stops in March.

    21. Joy Barton


      1. Nilser36

        No one cares u bot

    22. JJnS Farms

      Bernier and fleury seem to have a lot of clips

    23. cahtah haht

      make a compilation of carter carrying the team last night lol

    24. cahtah haht

      wild guess. flyers don’t make it on here edit nvm we did

    25. Brentod 16

      So all goalies have to do is make backdoor saves and it will be a highlight 👍 guess I should start practicing

    26. Gucci Librarian

      Is it just me, or has there been an oddly high amount of fantastic goaltending this season?

      1. Andre ThreeHundredThousand

        Philip Grubauer entered the chat.

      2. Thomas H.

        @Gucci Librarian 200IQ plays, I do already watch Hat Picks tho

      3. Gucci Librarian

        @Thomas H. Watch Steve's hat picks, it'll change YOUR mind

      4. Matt Oilers12

        @Sirokat Blackwood has my vote you can’t get anymore beautiful than that

      5. Matt Oilers12

        Nope me too

    27. Samuel Attias

      It Might Lighting At Us

    28. Teri Wilson


    29. Felipão Barbara

      🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Brasil

    30. Samuel Attias


    31. Cole McCreary

      Vasvileski is literally a beast and the lightning wouldn’t be the same without him

      1. Wes McCauley

        @Sens fan 7 sens are underated

      2. Brentod 16

        @Sens fan 7 both

      3. Sens fan 7

        @Brentod 16 no Carter Hart is overrated

      4. Wes McCauley

        @Sir Potato Man fax

      5. Sir Potato Man

        It’s the other way around Vasy won’t be the same without the lightning

    32. B and B Shockley

      How did they make their saves

    33. the ttv live

      Hockey would not be the same without tendys am I right

      1. Rafu Heikkinen

        @Wes McCauley ur right carter hart Craig Anderson

      2. Wes McCauley

        I mean yeah there would be 20-30 goals per game if there weren’t any tendys so hockey wouldn’t be the same

      3. PeteyPete


    34. Bart Plays

      Happy Easter everyone!

      1. Bart Plays

        @MagicMenzies thanks you too!

      2. MagicMenzies

        Happy easter

      3. Bart Plays

        @Clay M thanks you too!

      4. Clay M

        Happy Easter bro

      5. Bart Plays

        @cahtah haht thanks you too!

    35. Absolute Zrro


      1. James Bond

        Nobody gives a damm about how early you are.


        Ur 3rd