Ducks @ Wild 3/22/21 | NHL Highlights


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    Extended highlights of the Anaheim Ducks at the Minnesota Wild

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    1. Dominic Toretto


    2. Sandra Richardson

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    5. Jones

      Wilds are fun to watch, but they wont beat the avs.

    6. edgelamer

      Talbot starting over super hot Kakhonen. I don't understand Wilds coaching staff.

      1. edgelamer

        @JoeIMO you don't play the hottest goaltender in the league every second match. But ohh well, I guess I'm kind of a fan of always playing the one in top shape. Besides 0-6 to AVS, Kakhonen let in 13 goals in 9 matches.

      2. Joe

        Talbot is undefeated at home, wdym? both talbot and kakhonen are great, splitting their playing time and keeping them both healthy is a big W. Go back to coaching peewee

      3. Trav Zimmerman

        Because Kahkonen was lit up like a Xmas tree his last start.

    7. Petriranta Hyvinkäältä

      Why was Jonas Brodin the first star of the game?

      1. threeflip2244

        Because he was one of the only Wild players last night to have a complete game, we got the win, but looked terrible for more than half the game. Brodin had like 4 or 5 blocked shots, some great sticks to disrupt entries, and was awesome on the PK.

    8. Trav Zimmerman

      Time to healthy scratch Suter.... (I'll now wait for the "but he scored a goal so he did good" comments) Cheers!!

    9. Нурлан Алиев

      Капризова тока один раз увидел

      1. Stefan Knaub

        Временный спад бывает увидем ещё

    10. Vilhelm Davidsson

      Lets go Wild 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    11. Se Un

      Ducks still lose the game on the road or at home. Ducks are dead last in the West.

      1. Trav Zimmerman

        Ducks are 30th in the league (out of 31)

    12. schmidthockey

      Day 4 of asking for Lapanta’s firing.

      1. R M

        @Trav Zimmerman I don't think Lapanta has ever said anyone on the Wild is the greatest player. He has said they are playing like the greatest player, but when your rookie goalie is tied for like second in wins in a row in franchise history I would say that his comment is justified. Also why does everyone want non homer announcers? Do you really want an announcers that gets just as excited when the opponent scores as he does when your team scores? I like homer announcers because they act like fans and not mindless robots with no emotion.

      2. R M

        @Jet Li ya, it would be cool for him to change it up but I'm guessing he believes that is his signature move so he will never change.

      3. R M

        @schmidthockey behind on calls? Please timestamp where in any video. Also don't count when he is finishing a sentence before making a call. It would sound pretty stupid if he was like, "Kirill Kaprizov has been pla- Soucy shot on goal, playing pretty well recently for the Wild." Also zero hockey sense when he has been the announcer for the Wild for almost 10 years? He has over 50,000 minutes of commentating hockey and he has zero hockey sense? Also how does he make the Wild feel like a small town farm team? Also considering they pulled FSN from almost every TV provider, I would think Wild are on the smaller end of the popularity contest. Also Wild do deserve a national presence, but we will never get it cuz people don't care about Minnesota sports. We have never won anything other than a couple world series. Unfortunately tv providers only care about ratings, and the Wild don't get lots of those.

      4. Trav Zimmerman

        They should just sync the radio broadcast over the televised broadcast and have no FSN crew at all until they can find non-homers who's checks aren't signed by Leipold 😆 FSN always selling hope acting like the Wild have the greatest players meanwhile in reality they're always a bubble playoff team that has missed the playoffs like the past three seasons. I don't need to hear Walz telling how great Mikey Riley's line change was or that this 2nd period neutral zone faceoff is just so damn important.

      5. R M

        @Trav Zimmerman This is why I think JEE wins Selke. Also like a said, Carter should keep it simple for the 80% of fans that weren't players or coaches. Not everyone is a die hard fan, some people just wanna watch a game, not learn the game. Also re-watch the video and timestamp for me where Lapanta is going off on non sense when play is happening. Also maybe Lapanta is trying too hard to keep people interested with his goal call, but it is better then not giving a damn.

    13. Jonathan Funnell


      1. Jonathan Funnell

        @Sara and Dan Palkowitsh you a wild fan

      2. Sara and Dan Palkowitsh


    14. gimmick

      Drysdale is a complete pylon in the defensive end. It is actually painful trying to watch him defend.

    15. Multiyapples

      Is it me or is it weird to watch these games without a packed arena. I mean I am glad that fans aren't there spreading covid to each other but at the same time it's odd seeing games without fans.

      1. schmidthockey

        @Trav Zimmerman agreed

      2. Trav Zimmerman

        @schmidthockey I'm down with going back to normal no masks no mention of covid19 ever again. Let's move on, amirite? 😃👍

      3. schmidthockey

        Covid is about over. No reason why we can’t be at 30% capacity. So tired of people being afraid of each other

    16. Xue Yang

      Love how Lou Nanne lights up every time he talks about a Minnesota guy especially if they wore the maroon and gold.

      1. Adrian Kendrick

        @Noe Brecken Trying it out right now. Seems to be working.

      2. Noe Brecken

        Dunno if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Just google for it if you wanna try it

    17. MooseKnuckle

      Wild Trash

      1. Sara and Dan Palkowitsh

        How come we won

      2. Steve C

        @MooseKnuckle classic.

      3. virgin 69

        Sucks to suck

      4. Tristan Arcoren (Student)

        @MooseKnuckle copy paste gut ur mad cause ur team sucks as hell man

      5. Vilhelm Carlesjö

        @MooseKnuckle L

    18. Taylor Dahl

      Thatta Baby Bjugstad!

    19. Sean Spanier

      go wild noice win boys

    20. Milan Gelman

      First, please respond. Good job Anhiem and Minnesota. 👍 Nice win Wild.

      1. Funny Mike

        @Reaperguy 67 lol not.

      2. Reaperguy 67

        @Anders Nelson that doesn't matter. He was hoping the nhl to respond

      3. Anders Nelson

        @Reaperguy 67 you responded to it

      4. Reaperguy 67

        Nobody cares if you are first . Also they won't be responding to your comment.