Super Slow Mo: Best of March


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    Slow things down and get your week started with #SlowMoMonday! Check out some of the best action from the month of March, including gorgeous goals from Kirill Kaprizov, Adam Fox and Leon Draisaitl as well as sick saves from Mackenzie Blackwood and Pekka Rinne, all in super slow motion!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 8 روز


    1. Dustin Wald

      No Mack helmet toss?😲

    2. State of Hockey

      Kirill = Click

    3. Макс Орехов

      Write tracks, please))

    4. gavin gould

      Why no slow mo fights?

    5. Jet Li

      You missed Talbots incredible saves

    6. Good Solonius

      Man those Wild jerseys are great. Keep the logo, but switch back to North Stars colors

    7. Ball Sniffer


    8. Aleksi


    9. Пол Харис

      Kaprizov imagine

    10. alecisaplaya

      That was cool

    11. Богдан Богдан

      I love Slow Mo👍 Respect from Russian 🇷🇺

    12. ChefGoldblum

      The Avs have so much depth it's stupid.

    13. Kraken Playz

      Loved the sharks highlights suggestion next time put a highlight of little joe scoring not missing

    14. Saumyea Agnihotri

      In the beginning of the video itself I knew they would have Malkin's behind the net goal, because that glide-slide-goal was such a thing if beauty.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    15. Timothy Peterson

      Canes have a 10-2-2 month and are top 3 in the league…and get one clip of one hit in this video haha. Solid…

    16. Eggoman

      God, I miss when these were every Monday

      1. ANU SAUKKO

        Make this happen again SN

    17. megan zendarski

      Hockey is the best sport and I’m a boy!!!

    18. Laolin Ling

      Why is there not a Brent Burns goal against the wilds?

      1. Levi Bekkala

        That was not in march

    19. Rae Draconis

      No offense intended in the slightest, but the Dallas blackout jerseys remind me of those old-school computer monitors. And they are freaking amazing!

    20. Ben Martens

      Hint -- if you turn the playback settings to 2X it's like, almost normal speed.

    21. GHOSTMA ATVs

      Those Dallas jerseys are 🔥🔥🔥

    22. Dcembr

      wheres the barzal goal?

    23. Dcembr

      slow mo is my favorite

    24. The3rdeyedontdie

      This is really cool to watch what a great idea thanks!

    25. Jack Groves

      Without a doubt this has been the best year for jerseys ever in the history of hockey. No argument best year hands down all time

      1. Nathan

        True I bought one for the first time this year they’re all just so fire

      2. whelanky

        @nunu well new jerseys aren't doing well, but jersey's throwback jersey had a good season

      3. nunu

        They don’t seem to be that much of a successful franchise then haha

    26. Nikole Sullivan

      Not really a Dallas fan but that alternate Jersey is in my opinion one of the coolest jerseys!

    27. lightguy13

      Has the wild thumbnail... I am a fan.

    28. nizeshvazhmi


    29. Bradley E

      Greatest sport on this earth

    30. daniel chan

      carey price is washed up for all you clown fans out there

    31. anthony chiplin

      Not a wild fan but that is a gorgeous Jersey

      1. TempleRev

        @Earlene Feltham As a Wild fan, I always liked Staal. Glad to see him doing well up in Montreal!

      2. Earlene Feltham

        Yeah I'm a habs fan just seen Eric staal get the ot winner for montreal

      3. Natalie Goodwyne

        yeah but haveyouseen the yellow and green ones? idk what to think of them -wild fan

      4. anthony chiplin

        @Mary Berthiaume yes the one in thumbnail

      5. Mary Berthiaume

        The reverse retro ones?

    32. bluxiiee

      Another video where the nhl never includes the caps :/

    33. Izaya

      One of the coolest series I've seen in a while. Hockey is amazing!

      1. A.

        Best sport on earth

    34. Jedi13sm2

      Nice video but it is clear you have some favorite teams!

    35. Brad MacArthur

      Great fantastic superb editing!!!

    36. John C

      All from one month? I gotta go to more hockey games

      1. Snake Eyes

        @GHOSTMA ATVs but only at 10-20% capacity. Yeah, it's a step forward, but I will start considering going again once we are at full capacity in a few years.

      2. GHOSTMA ATVs

        @Jack Groves Not sure if you knew, but many teams in the US now have fans attending

      3. Jack Groves

        Yeah about that. There’s this thing called “cov-“ acctually nvm you’ll figure it out

    37. Cameron Bird

      I LOVE goalie clips!!!!! They are the BEST!!!

      1. Nikole Sullivan


      2. Chris C

        They are

    38. Juanjose Pazmino

      collision course next?

    39. Trevor Chrysler

      no ovi one timers or matthews ot goal???

    40. bash Hinojosa

      Reaper reaper jealous claus sad he s a frog and bad a video games. Btw this is payback reaper.

      1. joker

        @bash Hinojosa you do look pathetic since you have to harrass others

      2. bash Hinojosa

        Ok jealous bot

      3. joker

        @bash Hinojosa I don't care about sub count

      4. bash Hinojosa

        Ok joker with 9 subs hahaha

      5. joker

        @bash Hinojosa I wasn't even talking to you

    41. bash Hinojosa

      First one sibbed

      1. Reaperguy 67

        @bash Hinojosa nobody asked you to harrass others

      2. bash Hinojosa

        I did

      3. Reaperguy 67

        Nobody asked

    42. Declan Bayne

      No ovi 1 timers? :(

      1. bluxiiee

        Ikr it’s so annoying. The caps are one of the best teams in the league and they never get the credit they deserve.

    43. bash Hinojosa

      Reaper guy 67 your just jealous your not first buddy

      1. bash Hinojosa

        Yeah you get a pencil

      2. Reaperguy 67

        @bash Hinojosa you don't get anything for being first on a video .

      3. bash Hinojosa

        What no it matters

      4. Reaperguy 67

        Nobody is since we all watch the same thing

    44. Sniper Productions

      I wanted to see zegras

    45. bash Hinojosa

      I'm first eveyone

      1. devil

        @bash Hinojosa nobody is jealous of a comment like that. Grow up

      2. Reaperguy 67

        @bash Hinojosa nobody is by the way.

      3. bash Hinojosa

        You your so jealous

      4. Reaperguy 67

        Shut up. Nobody asked

    46. bash Hinojosa

      In first eveyone

    47. Jack Hart

      Does NHL read comments ?

      1. devil

        @bash Hinojosa nobody cares about what you say to other people on here..get a life kid

      2. Reaperguy 67

        @bash Hinojosa your insults make you sound like a 5 year old. Grow up.

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        Ok mad doof

      4. Reaperguy 67

        @bash Hinojosa quit trying to lie

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        Its not a name its called pay back offer

    48. The Hockey Froggy

      Awesome vid

    49. Elijah Fentress


    50. bash Hinojosa


      1. Reaperguy 67

        @Fresno Nightcrawler right. He looks pathetic right now.

      2. Fresno Nightcrawler

        @Reaperguy 67 right, I wouldn't have bothered checking who was actually first as it doesn't matter but since he wanted to be rude about it I checked

      3. devil

        @bash Hinojosa it's obvious that you don't know how IRflow works.

      4. Reaperguy 67

        @Fresno Nightcrawler facts. He has been harrasing me as well with multiple comments.

      5. Fresno Nightcrawler

        you aren't first you can filter comments by newest and you aren't first

    51. Julian

      Soo coooool

    52. FN Drizzy


    53. The Wrong Sav1or

      Joe, Joe mama

    54. Ben Lunnie

      Nice vid

    55. Kieran Tanner


      1. Kieran Tanner


      2. Reaperguy 67

        @Kieran Tanner thanks for the sub. You don't need to insult people

      3. Reaperguy 67

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      5. Reaperguy 67

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    56. Mint Nhl Replays


      1. Reaperguy 67

        @Mint Nhl Replays lol thanks

      2. Mint Nhl Replays

        @Reaperguy 67 ur right!

      3. bash Hinojosa

        Nope your not first

      4. Reaperguy 67

        Who doesn't matter how early you are since we all watch the same thing.

    57. Team Kosmikz


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      2. Reaperguy 67

        Nobody cares about what number comment you are.

    58. Big Bass Wyatt


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        Nobody needs since we all watch the same thing.