Top 10 Goals from Week 11 | 2021 NHL Season


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    Necas continues to roll in his breakout season, Kaprizov fakes out the Blues and Fox backhands a beauty against the Capitals
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    1. Tomáš Novosad

      No 1 Kaprizov. 1 Is Nečas

    2. Alex Hollinsworth

      Barzal scored multiple goals that week that were better than any of these

    3. Zeno

      Watching that Tyson Barrie goal makes me wanna watch it again

    4. Sam's Sports Shop

      Top ten goals this year all ten go to Barzy

    5. Aleš Rybář

      Nečas !

    6. Jacob Cunha

      SAM ROSEN🥵

    7. Drako'

      We Czechs, we use to say when is really bad weather outside (cold, windy, muddy and raining ) "where you go in such Nečas". His name fits so well into the team with the name like Huricanes.

    8. Pat Ward

      Cat goal should be higher. Great individual effort. Normally he just stands by the goal and bunts in a Kaner pass. He earned this one.

    9. Jimmy Rust

      Fox Norris!

    10. Multiyapples

      Great goals.

    11. Nick Sojka

      Necas is an anagram of Canes. No wonder he's thriving here.

    12. Jack Brady

      Goalie interference on the first goal

    13. Luke Johnson

      The Avalanche are due

    14. Clément Rusterholtz

      Where is the Texier's deke to give David Savard an easy goal?

    15. Cody Satterfield

      NECAS!! That kid is a stud!

    16. D Ealy

      Necas goal should be #1 but at least this goal wasn't ignored like most of the should be on highlight real goals by the Canes have been.

      1. og Ghost

        necas goal should not be #1. #1 and 2 were 20x better than necas’

    17. Георгий Фёдоров


    18. ANU SAUKKO

      There were 3 finns

    19. Samuel Attias

      Cold Plank

    20. J Hightower


    21. Matty Daddy

      What do u guys think kaprizov will get on his next contract

      1. Charlie Rentz

        @HOCKEY HELL YA I would love that as a Wild fan but I don't see him making 7.2 on an 8 year contract, the guy deserves more than that already.


        8 yrs 7.2 million dollars per. Kaprizov will want to stay as a wild and the wild will want to keep him a wild as well.

      3. Charlie Rentz

        Depends on the term. 7-7.5 for shorter term, 8.5-9 for longer term I would say.

    22. [MxQ]SaucySev

      The cat is so underrated

      1. fubar totale

        @Pat Ward He's short, but solidly built.

      2. Pat Ward

        If he keeps doing this, he’ll get noticed. Defense men don’t realize how quick and strong he is for his size.

      3. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        He's just young he'll get the attention soon enough.

    23. romaliop

      Do people actually agree that a basic wrap-around goal belongs to the top3 of this list? I mean, what is a nice goal is always a bit arbitrary and wrap-arounds aren't as common as they used to be, but personally I can't see anything that impressive in them in terms of skill or creativity.

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        Looks cool but not top 3.

    24. Sandy Gardner

      Krill the Thrill! 🔥

    25. SkyGuyFly8

      No mitch marner goal?

    26. Leah Moore

      necas squad!!!!

      1. D Ealy

        Should have been #1 but at least one of he, Aho, And Nino goals are on this list.

      2. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        he's sick. Love watching him whenever they play the hawks

    27. Brentod 16

      K so how is that number 1 lol

      1. Brentod 16

        @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV ikr number 1 was just a shot lol

      2. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        I thought Donskoi's was better tbh

    28. ChefGoldblum

      Rantanen's goal should be higher

      1. Hughes Fleming

        Lower you mean

    29. Wes McCauley

      This was a week week of goals

    30. zachary sneider

      Rantanen is grossly underrated

      1. romaliop

        @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV He gets overshadowed by MacKinnon a bit, nothing serious though,

      2. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        I don't think he's underrated. He's rated very highly as it is

      3. Brentod 16

        And rust And Backstrom And jarry and desmith

    31. Patrick Busche

      sam rosen stays undefeated

      1. All New York Rangers updates

        Love rangers

      2. XR chicken


    32. New York Bandwagon

      Tyson Barrie is an absolute genius for signing with the Oilers. It's the easiest possible way to inflate your numbers playing on that powerplay with Draisaitl and Mcdavid. One of the better powerplay quarterbacks in the league as well, he's about to get PAID next offseason.

      1. Isaac Frohlich

        @New York Bandwagon for sure. That's an insane amount, even if he could've gotten more it's nothing to complain about. As an Oilers fan I hope he stay but I'm not sure if we can entice him

      2. New York Bandwagon

        @Isaac Frohlich still money tho. I'm expecting a multi year deal worth over $5 mil AAV.

      3. Isaac Frohlich

        He'll get a big deal but the number will probably be a little lower with a flat cap for 4 years. Sucks for him

    33. TGG Shadow

      Of course Kaprisov is here like when is he not on this list

      1. Schuyler Vaicius

        cuz hes good

      2. Pat Ward

        Binnington looks nervous

      3. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        Looked just like Kucherov on this. He loves that move and what a way to finish it.

      4. Yarp Yepiddy

        Binny has got to save that, not his best effort

    34. Levi Todd

      Fox goal needs to be higher

    35. King

      Kaprizoves goal was awesome

    36. dnated !

      You should do top 10 overtime losses

    37. fghockey

      martin necas babbyyy

      1. D Ealy

        Should have been #1

    38. Carter Bennett


    39. Hawks Pain2015


      1. Pat Ward


      2. Brentod 16

        @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV Yeah true ill give you that lol

      3. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        @Brentod 16 Lol come on man give us a break we're playing better than we should

      4. Brentod 16

        Hawks 🤡🤡🤡

    40. Hydra X 10

      Early squad

    41. One of Us


    42. The Hockey Froggy


    43. ale dude

      i like men

      1. dnated !


      2. Hawks Pain2015

        Is that why you like fortnite

      3. Colin MacNeil

        And Fortnite

    44. Trevor Lane