Best 3-on-3 Overtime and Shootout Moments from Week 9 | NHL


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    The Blue Jackets pick up a pair of big overtime wins this week and Islanders rookie Oliver Wahlstrom knocks off the Devils in his first career shootout attempt
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    1. TrL recticcc

      Go isles but I feel bad for Wedgwood when Wally scored

    2. James Hatfield

      That Subban goal was onside by a country mile, another shocking decision in the NHL, how do they get it so wrong

    3. ilesgirl9

      Whalstrom is so amazing he MUST get rookie of the year

    4. Ricci Choi

      Title: 3-on-3 overtime First clip: Vegas had a power play during overtime 😂

    5. TRU Winnipegjets


    6. Johnny D

      Wally such a sick release

    7. Nilser36


    8. Limsanity

      NHL posting best 3-on-3 Overtime *Montreal Canadiens has left the chat...

    9. John Kraus

      Lol poor suban lol

    10. 306 Hockey Cards

      this video hurts my soul as a habs fan

    11. Cole Healy

      Wahligator for Calder

      1. Johnny D

        Kaprizov for sure. Wally second on list.

      2. Felix Wang

        nope team dolla dolla bill kirill

    12. Leafs for the cup

      We’re was nashers goal?

      1. Felix Wang

        rusty the ruster babe

    13. Riley Epp

      How did Elvis not get a penalty shot called against him for that blatant stick throw?

      1. iitslogical

        Obvious poke check and he lost control of the stick not his fault

    14. O.G. MISFIT

      Your first clip was 4 on 3 WTF

      1. O.G. MISFIT

        @Snake Eyes This I know but the clip said 3 on 3 , Can't you read either

      2. nora tahiri

      3. Snake Eyes

        In the OT, if a penalty occurs, the team who goes on the power play gains a 4th man.

    15. Mork

      Luckily for Montreal there is no 3-on-3 in the playoff...

    16. Dustin Anderson

      This is how much hockey is the best 👇

      1. Reaperguy 67

        Imgine begging for likes

    17. Doron Appleyard


    18. PS - 05HS 806051 Springbrook PS


      1. Hockey Lifestyle


    19. Ilya Mikheyev

      Ilya Mikheyev

      1. Grant Bailey

        Mitch Marner

    20. Air God

      Wahligator 🐊

    21. Matt

      K and

      1. cereal boy


    22. MandyPandy 1023

      wahlstrom is elite

      1. nora tahiri

      2. Starkiller 18


    23. dnated !

      Sad to see my stars lose alot

      1. Grant Bailey

        They beat colombus

      2. nora tahiri

      3. dnated !

        @Big Shorts doesn't help if we get 1 point a game

      4. Big Shorts

        Atleast Chicago keeps losing

    24. Dustin Anderson


    25. Arman Sidhu

      Calgary Flames

    26. ColePlays

      Coolest video ever