Top 10 Saves from Week 11 | 2021 NHL Season


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    Blackwood preserves the shutout in spectacular fashion, the Rangers get big time stops up and down the lineup and the paddle is mighty for Oettinger and Miller
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    1. Rafael X Amorim

      Mike smith the goat

    2. Enigma Scene

      Fox for Vezna

    3. Nico Hischier fan

      Blackwood got himself a candidate for save of the year Go cry Bruins fans

      1. 1 6

        Idk how they think it’s in. Cry about it if u do

    4. joeicehockey

      That number one “save” should have been a goal.

      1. Fall

        I don't think it clearly completely passes the line.

    5. Laura Márquez

      “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💝

    6. Steven Clark Schaffner

      That last one sure looks like a goal to me. Would be interesting to see what it looked like on clean ice after the Z went over it.

    7. David Baas

      I love NHL

    8. Joh

      Blackwood’s save is SOTY for sure. The athleticism and awareness is just on a crazy level

    9. Stickolas

      The flyers should trade for Adam fox to play goalie for them

    10. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

      Lankinen could legitimately be in this every week. Chicago's defense has some problems

    11. C Toth

      I love how the 2nd best save of week 11 is by Adam Fox

    12. Wingman46

      Fox’s should’ve been first, holy mackerel

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        His was insane, but I think Blackwood might've made the save of the year.

    13. Wingman46

      Sheshtys was a beauty

    14. Kevin PETITPAS

      Me : Korpisalo stick save is the save of the year for sure Blackwood : Hold my goalie stick

      1. ChromeC

        Oettinger: I'd like to have a word.

    15. philly_sports

      This list should be populated by Flyers saves because it's extremely impressive and unexpected when they actually make one.

      1. Rafael X Amorim

        @Trevor Chrysler at least they have a amazing nba team

      2. Trevor Chrysler

        carter hart and brian elliot aren’t having a good year at all, the played phenomenal last year tho

      3. Pathockey 14


    16. Benjamin Shirey

      last one was a goal

      1. Finn Burke

        @Ancient Keyboard Warrior i mean i'd agree with u but this dude has a profile picture of a penguins player so idrk why he'd be rooting for the bruins against the devils???

      2. 1 6


      3. Benjamin Eio

        yes it was

      4. Ancient Keyboard Warrior

        Still salty Jesus kid give it up

      5. Raven340

        Didn’t cross the line I have a picture of the puck when it’s the closest to going over and it is an inch from going over

    17. Mav I


    18. Matt Oilers12

      Fox made some beauty’s

      1. Louis Greubel

        @Rafael X Amorim The "c" in "come" should have been capitalized. You missed a comma after "on." You should have used a period after "stuff," capitalized the "n" in "nobody" and, finally, you should have put a period after "cares." Are you 8 years old, or did you just not pay attention in school?

      2. Rafael X Amorim

        @Louis Greubel come on stop with the spelling stuff nobody cares

      3. Louis Greubel

        I think you were looking for the word "beauties" there

      4. King BONES gaming


    19. Cam S

      The one for Fox which is second should be 1st without a doubt. Maybe even first if you do a whole season video on great saves.

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        I completely get that, but on Blackwood it doesn't get any closer than that. I think it might be save of the year so far.

      2. Wingman46

        Ngl that puck looked like it went in on balckwood

      3. Outlaw

        I agree I mean the first is a really good save but cmon the effort by the defense men.

      4. Thomas H.

        Blackwood ROBBED him

    20. Rylan S.


    21. Elias Pettersson40