Collision Course: Volume 14


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    Check out some of the hardest hits from around the NHL, including crushing checks from Chris Tanev, Zdeno Chara and Matt Martin

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    1. A-Q sedö

      chara is not really able to hit anyone clean. This time "hit" was crosschecking enemy on face. Otherwise i like these videos because these hits are clean

    2. Noor Daoudi

      I love how they don’t give up and stand up and plays for their team...

    3. ByteLabz Channel

      Where's Mcnabb?

    4. Towser

      Lol, the hit from Tkachuk should have been a penalty, jumps before the hit like the weasel he his.

    5. Scorpius

      Wow...two onics in a row! Ironic and Moronic! First, I find it very Ironic that the NHL would put out a compilation of "Big Hits" when it is the NHL who is trying their utmost to rid the NHL of "Big Hits"! I have seen many LESSER "Big Hits" get penalties and even suspensions for many of the type of hits featured in this video! Also using Zedano Chara👎as one of these hits is Moronic! The Chara hit shown here is the only type of hit Chara is capable of ....... a Cross Check! This one included a double fist to the head of Farabee! No penalty, no suspensions for a player known for using his stick as a weapon! mea sententia 🦂

    6. LoKei13

      No Joshua on Reeves?

    7. Laura Márquez

      “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💝

    8. You Liked Your Own Comment

      I hate it when there's a big hit and the announcer doesn't acknowledge it

    9. SatansPooper

      I would love to see a highlight reel of "taking a hit like a champ"



    11. エモマーク

      Now this is epic

      1. エモマーク

        @Luke L. I didn’t even say what team I liked either 😅

      2. Luke L.

        @Matt Oilers12 calls someone a loser but is literally an Oilers fan. Canada's Buffalo Sabres

      3. abdelwahab nassim

      4. LoKei13

        @Matt Oilers12 what?

      5. Matt Oilers12

        You sound like loser that’s said that we beat you 7-3

    12. Chad Simplicio

      Lyubushkin "ate" Grundstrom "like an alpha male coyote."

    13. Shcabby


    14. DaBaby

      does the nhl heart comments? 😏

    15. Andrey Fishchenko

      В хоккей играют настоящие мужчины!!!Хоккеисты точно не футболисты!!!

    16. MyFamilyGmail

      Last year, I noticed the "official" NHL game summaries & highlights edited out (ie. censored) all hitting & fights. Essentially, the NHL was "hiding" potentially "game changing" moments from viewers. It's probably a significant reason so many hockey commentators on Twitter trash "grinders" & declare physicality "out-dated". They don't watch full games, rely on post-game "analytics" stats...and what little they do watch are the official NHL "extended highlights" that completely omit an important aspect of the sport.

      1. MyFamilyGmail

        @saynotohaloFIN If I didn't listen to people who complained typing in "ALL CAPS" was "SHOUTING". THERE"S NO FUGGIN WAY I'M LISTENING TO YOUR ADVICE!

      2. LoKei13

        @saynotohaloFIN some of his quotation marks are unnecessary but many are legit.

      3. saynotohaloFIN

        You "might" be "right" but when you "write" like "this" your "message" is "almost" unreadable

    17. Warren Brie

      My favorite upload from this channel

    18. Samuel Attias

      Artificial Manipulation

    19. Ruge

      Good thing the nhl doesn’t ban hitting like the ohl

    20. Zemes Ierīkotāji

      7th and im a flames fan

      1. Zemes Ierīkotāji

        @cereal boy I did but not anymore ...

      2. cereal boy

        @Zemes Ierīkotāji It seems like you do

      3. Zemes Ierīkotāji

        @cereal boy Do i care ._.

      4. cereal boy

        @Zemes Ierīkotāji No you were 8th

      5. Zemes Ierīkotāji

        @cereal boy Yes

    21. Samuel Attias

      Violence Is Unacceptable

      1. HockeyHorror

        This isn't violence, it's a contact sport

    22. Jaya White

      yo so cool

      1. abdelwahab nassim

      2. karl karlsson

        cool so yo

    23. Antton Altynbaev


      1. cereal boy


    24. Christine Barbuto-Zaino

      *B A M*

    25. Mark Syvret


    26. Sami

      Wow so hard hits

      1. abdelwahab nassim

      2. Globglogabgalab

        When you're too early to watch the video but want to come up with a comment: