Oilers @ Flames 3/17/21 | NHL Highlights


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    Extended highlights of the Edmonton Oilers at the Calgary Flames

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    1. Sam Masood

      I like it

    2. Sam Masood


    3. Domenico Barone

      when its oilers vs calgary its not whos gonna win its how many goals will oilers score lol

    4. Lemon Poker

      Will Calgary bury yet another Top Tier Goalie in Jacob Markstrom? I have a bad feeling about this.

    5. wil wanotch

      Nice win Boys

    6. Joe Smith

      Floundering Flames back to their floundering ways.

    7. Dominic Chorley

      Its illegal for Draisaitl to pass like that

    8. Rocky B

      After watching this games highlights I am truly convinced that Mcdavid is the next coming of Christ.

    9. Aric Gardner

      David is a gear above the competition

    10. garret halkides

      Why are the flames wearing those trashy uniforms again

    11. comewithmenow

      Barrie is gonna rip off some team soooo bad when he signs his retirement contract

    12. Clayton Russell

      Oiled are 2 in the league

      1. Domenico Barone

        no they are 8th in the league rn

    13. J V

      Welcome back to Earth Calgary

    14. jour de flamme

      Calgary is weak. So are some fans of the Flames. I like the losses just for the satisfaction to see the their depression. The players don't care about you fans or your city. Their record proves it. Markstrom is such an overrated weak sister. His record also shows for it. The Americans want out of that putrid city but their fans still think their team is a Stanley cup contender and that most players want to be there. Sad.

    15. Sars Coronavirus


    16. Peter Thiessen

      This game shows you what the teams are actually made of

    17. Robin

      Poor Markström, what are the defense and others doing :/

    18. Mark Smith

      Calgary had there looks on Smith but he played well and Edmonton’s top team kept putting the puck in the net. All Edmonton, Calgary is just not as good as them.

    19. Mason’s Hockey World

      I watched the first 5 mins and then I just knew it was gonna be a tough game for the flames, they didn’t get into the zone until 4 mins in

    20. Axel Otto

      whos in net for the Oilers

      1. Domenico Barone

        smith in this game

    21. Vitus Bleifuss

      7 goals, but Yamamoto no one point?!

    22. Tom Chamberlain

      That Draisaitl pass tho. I have him #1 and Huberdeau #2 in the best passers in the NHL category in my head

    23. Scūmpï Li

      They are really good actors!

    24. Scūmpï Li

      Yeah sure of course 6 goals on a period when i bet under 8.5 goals lol 🤔😑

    25. Bobby Mulligan

      Can't wait until Toronto and Edmonton run into an actual hockey team in the playoffs.

      1. Bobby Mulligan

        @Peter Thiessen As far as I can tell, no Northern Division club plays good team defense. That’s what wins you a championship. That and apparently being a club full of cheap shots (Ex: Tampa and St. Louis)

      2. Peter Thiessen

        Edmonton is going to destroy Toronto in the playoffs. Toronto's Been a complete failure for many many years and they still will be in the playoffs.

    26. Jamie Smith

      Do you love me? I am single

    27. immersionHEHE

      McDavid just way too good

    28. VicQCY

      Love from Vancouver Edmonton fans you helped us get a chance at the playoffs Also, that pass matched the Sedin bros.

    29. Danny Thomas

      Big Save Dave for next game.

    30. Danny Thomas

      When two washed up goalies meet.

    31. Bra Li

      Just like the game, McDavid seems to have an extra gear

    32. McDavid Deserves Better

      You love to see it.

    33. Jackson Hale

      Only watch these games to see McDavid 😂

    34. Master Baiter

      Benning is a genius! Enjoy markstrom's 6x6 full NMC contract.

      1. Trevor Daniels

        Omg what a terrible contract. Still not worse than the Oilers Lucic contract!

    35. Zeno

      If you are a flames fan and you’re reading this... get wrecked 😂

      1. Flyin Brian

        😂😂 Marlboro, Alberta 🍁...GO OILERS💪

    36. J Reacts Vlogs


    37. Flames 213

      As a flames fan I knew this was coming, Gg Edmonton

      1. Edmonton Boy

        Flames 213 To be completely honest I thought my team was gonna lose again.

      2. jour de flamme

        Most flames fans will not admit this. Most proud and disillusioned fans in the NHL.

      3. SonOfCoal

        Gg bud, good luck next time

      4. Flyin Brian

        Probably the most admirable Flames fan. And I'm for the Oilers. You're a good man...not many around the days ✌

    38. E Girl

      I watched the first period not thinking they would score 5 more lol

      1. Flyin Brian

        I was channel surfing after it was 3-1. Came back to this☺☺ Go Oilers👍

    39. Jacky Mo

      I noticed that when Flames fall behind they can never catch up, but when Oilers are behind 2 or even 3 goals it's never a problem for them to catch up. I can't remember when the Flames had score more than 5 goals on the Oilers, but the other way around is very normal thing 😃

    40. Bob Lawblaw

      Holland will add some more key pieces. C Ya flames

    41. Felix Sinjakli

      i love the flames so sad they lost. Boooo oilers suck

      1. Funky Gamer

        LOL they got wtfpwnedbbq

      2. MrSeviper03

        Welcome to second last place in the North division. Complements of the Oilers (who suck).

      3. Flyin Brian

        Waaaaa...typical Flames fan.😢😢😢

    42. Yeg'r

      Someone tell sutter the mask goes over the nose

    43. Roran

      Bulju best

    44. Real Deal Prospecting

      Looks good. Keep doing this. This is the way. Much wow. Such good. Dogecoin to the moon.

    45. Anthony Teichroeb

      you know a pass is good when the goal is almost ignored. That was Sedin esk

      1. Gideon Kleyn


    46. David Firth

      Lol all 5 players on 97 hahaha suckers

    47. Coley Man

      At least it’s not worse then the flyers

      1. Rafael X Amorim

        Lol 9-0 TO THE RANGERS

    48. 76ers Fan 2000

      Why is Calgary wearing the old jerseys from 2018-19

      1. Cheese Guy

        Because its their new alternate

    49. GRiZfam 303

      Remember when the flames were good? 🤣 I think my Avalanche ripped their heart out in that last playoff series. 🤣

    50. Jimmy Greenlaw

      As much I enjoy an all Canadian divison I miss playing the other teams to gauge how good our Canadian teams are.

      1. Master Baiter

        @Nicholas Benoite No, the Sedin's who never saw cowgary win a cup over their entire career.

      2. Nicholas Benoite

        @Master Baiter those Sedins who never won a cup?

      3. Master Baiter

        @Matt Oilers12 The Sedins called calgary to ask what it's like to lose to the oilers.

      4. Matt Oilers12

        Someone hates losing to Edmonton all the time I see

      5. Master Baiter

        ALL the teams are full of Canadians and the NHL is a city based league, not country based.

    51. Zaylas Pelt

      The domination of Alberta. Congratulations to the fans and this elite, scary team of Edmonton. Go Oilers!!! A good game from the fans and team of Calgary. Go Flames!!!! I can't wait for next game.

      1. Master Baiter

        hardly elite, didn't even make the playoffs last year.

    52. MrJustinfb

      Kelly Hrudey is terrible.

    53. Bob Dewey

      Love watching these two teams play. but man, Edmonton was hot last night!!

    54. TheMadMardo

      Even Kassian is scoring

    55. Nicholas Martin

      That dive by Puljujärvi tho

    56. Travis

      Flames are worse than a ECHL team

      1. Domenico Barone

        @jour de flamme lol

      2. jour de flamme

        @SonOfCoal No way not the Flames. They don't care so why should we care.

      3. SonOfCoal

        That’s a little too far dude. Respect your opponents

    57. Oilerz 74

      Feeling it tonight.

    58. The Arsonist

      Lets fkin go Oilers but i lowkey feelbad for markstrom. It happens bud

      1. Master Baiter

        So glad Canucks let markstrom walk, guy got beat on the opening shot more than any netminder in NHL history.

      2. SonOfCoal

        @Flyin Brian markstroms a great tendy, don’t know what your going on about

      3. Flyin Brian

        No sympathy for him...he's paying the price for not signing in Edmonton. He's over rated...looked like a rookie last night

    59. Ron Simms

      Too many flames thought they were wearing white tonight!!

    60. thesoundpurist

      McDavid looking that he's there just for fun.

      1. Kris W

        That's usually when players are at their best

      2. Rafael X Amorim

        @Matt Oilers12 beating them 7-3 is even better

      3. Matt Oilers12

        Beating the flames is fun

      4. Andrew Hutchens

        I some what agree but again we are over playing him.

    61. Chris Fournier

      Hey Markstrom, close your f**king legs.

    62. oopopp x

      How to know you're probably the BEST 2 Hockey Players in the World??... McDavid & Draisaitl have a combined 105 points in 32 games this season.

      1. Vitus Bleifuss

        @Samuel Gadoury Drai was last season the best player!

      2. MaynardzDick


      3. M.F. Luder

        To be fair they play the most of all the players. There’s no team that has one line playing all the power play

      4. Gotthelm Gotrfidd

        @Samuel Gadoury I don't know Draisaitl is so good at his own end too. Having both centers is bliss for the Oilers.

      5. kryt xps

        @Samuel Gadoury definitely not for sure. also, there are a lot of criteria that make a player 'the best' and im pretty sure that both of them can do something better than the other. mcdavid has better speed but i think that draisaitl can read the field better. in the end, theyre small differences and the best way to judge them is by a season any way

    63. Chris Stewart

      McJesus back at it again!

    64. Alienkid


    65. oopopp x

      Kassian made it look EASY on his goal...

      1. Master Baiter

        @Matt Oilers12 The Canucks were hoping he would sign in their division. Jim was ecstatic when he heard calgary signed him.

      2. Matt Oilers12

        It’s markstrom he stinks so glad we didn’t get him

      3. Master Baiter

        It's always easy when markstrom is in net.

      4. Frank Yaeger

        Nurse looked pretty casual on his goal too like he was thinking " did I leave the garage open" while he was scoring

    66. oopopp x

      I still can't believe at a Discount contract Oilers got the BEST Tyson Barrie ever... this is APEX Barrie, Norris Barrie... with a casual 4 pts night... highest scoring Dman in the league now...

      1. PyrrhoVonHyperborea

        @SiddaXe they better resign larsson for som shut-down options

      2. DGrant1010

        He signed with the Oilers because he knew he'd get PP time with McD and Drai. If you think he's signing another cheap deal next year, you're going to be in for disappointment.

      3. comewithmenow

        @Metal Marty no still not convinced they should do that

      4. SiddaXe

        @PyrrhoVonHyperborea yeah still not sure how I’d feel about signing him long term, his success this year means he’s gonna ask for a huge contract this summer, and I could see that ending badly, especially if Klefbom’s back and Bouchard/Broberg step in a bigger role anyways. Difficult situation for Holland, but have to give him credit in the first place for adding offense from the defense, something that’s been missing in Edmonton for a long time.

      5. PyrrhoVonHyperborea

        @SiddaXe EK's defensive ability was never as bad as his detractors claimed it was; at least not when he still had his legs. Om behalf of Barry I fully agree: he's doing everything they could have reaalistically hoped he'd be doing. Great signing! Let's hope, that they'll have many such "mutual benefit" signings, in the forseeable future, thanks to said McDrai-factor! However: the benefit will be reversed, if they'll choose to resign him. Tyson will want to get paid next summer, just like shattenkirk before him.

    67. нυмαη ƒєllα

      This is like watching the Battle of Alberta in the 80s.

      1. PAC Molen

        @Ace96 ok so you’re dumb 😌 it’s ok, I have dumb people in my life, I get it

      2. Ace96

        @PAC Molen Amazing. That "series winning goal" did not decide the series. But you go on as you are and never let the fact that Gretzky, Messier, Sather and Furh himself are long on record agreeing with me, effect your believe whatever suits you pattern of flawed thought thinking.

      3. PAC Molen

        @Ace96 if you’re really not smart enough to realize that that was literally the series win in goal, then idk how to help you m8

      4. Maquette Music

        @Ace96 ok, boomer

      5. Ace96

        @Maquette Music Lol, amazing how millennial idiots, when confronted with facts they are far to stupid and ill informed to refute, can be counted on to parrot "ok boomer", as if that was a magic spell that makes them look less stupid then they already really are. It also tells me you never ever were around to witness the era you are moronic enough to compare this modern team to. Ya.. ok dumass. Some people never learn. Again, thanks for the comedy)

    68. jeremy mazurowski

      Draisaitl is the second best player in the league. NUFD

      1. Vitus Bleifuss

        He was the best last season!

    69. وقد وهبوا

      that pass from drai was almost soccer like. world class

      1. Tony J

        @Harsit Baral you mean most boring sport. I don't want snotty eurosnobs to watch hockey so go back to England

      2. Harsit Baral

        @Tony J and it’s also the most popular sport in the world and more popular than hockey will ever be

      3. Tony J

        @Gotthelm Gotrfidd you mean like Rugby football?

      4. Tony J

        @Gotthelm Gotrfidd it's a wimpy sport played by loser pretty boys lie Beckham

      5. Vitus Bleifuss

        don't say soccer, please!

    70. JustTJ

      Ottawa has Matt Murray Calgary has Jacob Markstrom Canucks have Braden Holtby And yet all three are not in a playoff spot.

      1. Golson Moldon

        Holtby... hahaha

      2. Michael M

        In Vancouver, Demko is the better of the two by far.

      3. J Stolls

        Nah, just two... 😂 , markstrom is pretty good. He showed it by stealing Monday’s game. But yeah, Murray and Holtby maybe need to be put out to pasture...

      4. وقد وهبوا

        two of those goalies are dogshit

    71. Connor McDavid Airborne

      Well this game made me the happiest person on the planet today.

    72. Hockey 4 Life

      Its painful being a flames fan sometimes.

      1. PAC Molen

        @PiffMonster ooooof, sorry about that m8. I’m not a Sabres fan but I really wanna see them start having some success again

      2. Flyin Brian

        @PiffMonster sorry to hear that. Thoughtshe and prayers to all Sabres fans. You deserve much better.

      3. Spud

        There are fans of the flames? Wow who wudda thunk

      4. Dhruv Dath

        @PiffMonster im sorry, at least eichel coming back soon

      5. GWAR fiend

        always. always fuckin painful.

    73. Nic Garscum

      Another absolute beating by Alberta's team

      1. Alexander Stark

        @Ryder Sebastianelli 4

      2. Ryder Sebastianelli

        @Jack Turner how many times have the flames lost to oilers this year??

      3. Jack Turner

        U guys beat us every once and a while and go crazy about it😂

    74. Codell Mikaluk



      This was personal, but still business

      1. Edmonton Boy

        The only rules that matter is these; what a man can do and what a man can’t do.

    76. Edmonton Boy

      Boy, that escalated quickly.

      1. Dhruv Dath

        at least it wasn't 7 goals in one period :) THAT escalated quickly

      2. Brendan McG

        you beat me to this comment haha