"A Double Whammy!" | Weird NHL Vol. 51


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    Broken sticks, broken skates, buttons popping, Patrick Kane like you've never heard him before and the Tkachuk brothers at their goofiest!
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    1. Curtis Denver

      The petite alphabet longitudinally suspect because dentist coincidentally judge athwart a willing selection. organic, terrible turn

    2. ALAPINO

      Too bad these great compilation videos are ruined by 7-10 ads... the same ad... unskippable... over... and over.

    3. Dylan

      You lost me with the 3rd Kane plug

    4. Azoniify

      That pasta one is hilarious

    5. John Mathews

      Matt Martin, sniper.

    6. Ninety Two

      That announcer did not call the lacrosse goal the Svechnikov. If anything, it's the Mike Legg. Svechnikov DID NOT pioneer it.

    7. Ninety Two

      Good God, Letang, find better sticks. I played with mini sticks when I was a kid that held up better than those twigs.

    8. Pine Peb

      do 90s edition again

    9. alenworkar345 misse456

      The ahead foxglove renomegaly wobble because drawer exemplarily twist versus a absorbed chronometer. overconfident, zonked vegetarian

    10. Tiu Mau

      Kane's ASMR tape just has to be a lost bet 😂 didn't find it very relaxing, almost had an astma attack because I laughed so hard..

    11. Dre gg mon

      Uh how many of these clips were the flames and senators?

    12. Andrew Quire

      I think its funny I turned this on thinking I'm going to watch some hockey highlights and fall asleep

    13. Nikola Tesla

      WTF is this? I'll bet Kane is making $100 for every number he counts in this video.

    14. Jonathan Wildeboer

      this whole video is sens and flames

    15. Bsuchos Nosycvjd

      The volatile kohlrabi tinctorially rock because engineering logically interrupt through a wretched railway. vacuous, highfalutin polish

    16. The Love From Up Above

      Lmao how does Kaner sound foreign?!

    17. Kesler

      Ok Jack, you got me with The Ode to the Composite Stick.

    18. Tommy’s Shorts


    19. Simco Sports

      I think these videos need more ads. NHL clearly needs the revenue.

    20. Brian Torsell

      His name is Mike Legg.

    21. Grant Bailey

      Go Raptors&Leafs!

    22. Dillon Wong

      Valimaki save of the year

    23. ForgotStyle

      Boesers got a few screws loose

    24. Reed S

      I’m dying the Kane abahahaha

    25. Jacob_94

      Whoever makes these they need a raise

    26. First Name Last name

      Please have the Kane thing at a Blackhawk game

    27. Ilya Volchenkov

      As a Calgary fan I can confidently tell you our goalies have to stop trying to play the puck

      1. SpacedOutChimp

        As a Sens fan nah bro i think they should play it more often LUL

    28. Coppie Cup

      Here we go again!

    29. Dukes07

      Not gonna lie , the Pat Kane thing was extremely relaxing lol

    30. Nicholas B

      ok so why the sudden uptick in sticks getting stuck in between the blades and boots of skates? i don't remember it ever happening with this much regularity before

    31. Kalle Laakso

      Legend says Kane is still counting...

    32. Claire Conti

      I love my boy letang but his luck is terrible.

    33. Ryan Hinzel

      sleep? why in the world do you ned patrick kane to help you sleep

    34. Nolan Jollymore

      Can we get fleury to count to 1000 in French?

    35. Henry DeVries

      The stick in the skate seems to be happening more and more often.

      1. Furious Imperator

        Yeah, more and more skates with holes big enough for those blades. Happens on my team every few weeks,too

    36. Andy Giroux

      It’s funny to see that the NHL have more funny and weird play then cool and nice play 😂😂

    37. Mason’s Hockey World

      Alternate title: Ottawa Senators

    38. Marco Lucchin

      Patrick Kane makes me very uncomfortable

    39. Edward Burek

      Patrick Kane counting to a thousand, the exploding jacket button, the ruined Tkachuk family reunions, Zoom going on strike during the Habs press conference, and the obligatory Daryl Reaugh contribution. Just another great Weird NHL, folks.

    40. TPark27

      So to describe this volume in one sentence: goalies getting beat short side

    41. Alex Goglin

      that guided meditation with kane made me really uncomfortable....

    42. TheBluGummy

      The ads make this sickening to watch

    43. W1SPDotEXE

      Love the goalie save content keep it up!

    44. Flora MacDonald

      The Tkachuk Brothers: Matthew, Brady and Jimmy

      1. SpacedOutChimp

        @Elle Sun Stützle's nickname here in Ottawa is Jimmy Stu Curtesy of Brady hope that Clears things up

      2. Elle Sun

        The f***k???

    45. Grayson Everything

      Best video

    46. DinoSquadQuinn

      flames goalies giving the sens some gifts

    47. Joey Villeneuve

      I hate...when people....read scripts...two words....at a time...

    48. Skeletonface9 ps4

      When will markstrom & rittich stop making bad plays & or passes behind the Calgary net?? Answer never!

    49. DH Gaming

      imagine The ref that had to hold his arm up the entire time while the delayed penalty was on

      1. Ryan Fiore

        Legend has it he’s still holding his arm up

      2. Rob Heaton

        He switches arms a couple of times lol

    50. Elevating North Carolina

      Even though I’m a huge Caniac, the Kane meditation at the beginning, transitions, and the end had me laughing really hard. Keep up the good work!

    51. Lord_Commissar _Asdan

      Is Kane coming on to me?

    52. Ryan Campbell

      Necas with the NHL 94 Celly 😂😂😂

    53. Star Petal Arts

      Kelly Rudy showing the Pandemic Figure.

    54. LiQuid InHAler


    55. words n stuff

      What happens when kane gets to 1000. Does he beat up a cab driver?

      1. Neel Mehta

        Outdated joke

    56. Ron Gulyarin

      Patrick Kane singing twinkle twinkle little star lol 😂

    57. GrassIsTall You

      I can’t go a single video without watching the Verizon commercial about 50000 times

    58. Prabesh Paudel

      Bruh i came home from school very tired and fell a sleep to kanes bedtime story

      1. Cruella Close

        bruh cool bruh. like for real bruh.

    59. Chris Tallant

      Leave it to us Motor City folks to not only be the odd ones, but also have electrical issues as well.

    60. H M


    61. MCNUGE 93

      The Nhl should make a weird nhl for each team

    62. essimom2

      Loving the Kane interruptions.

    63. RawZuccSauce420

      Randy Hahn saying it was Patrick Marleau who scored like 8 times as opposed to Labanc was weirder and funnier than the actual clip itself. Can't see the numbers on those stupid RR jerseys.

    64. neoballast

      I came here to chill and Kane is talking about work fml

      1. neoballast

        @Cruella Close :D

      2. Cruella Close

        your life sucks bruh. go outside.

    65. Jordan Shaw

      This video sums up the North division

    66. CybeastID

      Hello Matt Martin goal!

    67. Nigel Worwood

      I missed the end what happened? I fell asleep. That Kane is good

    68. TheDovehill

      Hockey players can count? Today I learned!

      1. Cruella Close

        It is not that hard to count. I = one II = two III = three Aso. Most children can do it.

      2. DavoPlayz

        Xd me too

    69. rj Gyebnar

      This made me lose a little respect for Kane 🙄🙄 I have a whole bubble sticker of him on my wall 🤣

    70. gohan9294

      "THats Hockey little baby"

    71. Theo Eklund

      Just love Kane

    72. Discord Miner

      Thats my voice line. Don’t ever use it again (Its a joke)

    73. Walle Clyde

      Official Button speed. Now I've seem everything. Haha

    74. ewearpel

      That Lightning vs Hawks OT tho

      1. SpacedOutChimp

        Best OT to date i would think. Half thr OT i see are in the zone back out like just dead

    75. Magnus.Magneto

      Sens single handedly providing 50% of these LOOL

      1. SpacedOutChimp

        4-2 against the flames

    76. Света Магницкая

      "Легенда и звезда НХЛ" ...вот и вновь Патрик Кейн восхищает вдохновенной, красивой игрой! он на льду - как поэт замирает над словесной изящной строкой... нарисована в мыслях подача, во мгновенье - весь лед, словно лист... мастерство, божество и удача - уникальный поэт-хоккеист! всех наград, вне сомненья, достоин "величайший игрок НХЛ", в этот год пусть получит "Харт Трофи" хоккеист из "Блэкхокс" - Патрик Кейн! 25 февраля 2021

    77. Your Sport Dosage

      .... and 1000, there we go

    78. Puff Sassy

      Necas with the ol’ NHL 06 celly

      1. Ryan Campbell

        Which was from the even older NHL 94 😂

    79. End of the World


    80. Stayd Gamerr100

      Calgary fans are crying after this

      1. Carños ?

        I sure am

    81. MagicMenzies


      1. Ansa Pectoralis


    82. Alexa Seymour

      No one: Kane: “ one, two, three, four..,”

      1. GrannyGot Cooki

        988..... 989...... 990...... 991......

      2. SportsCast1

        Kane: “706.....707.....708.....709.....710......711.....”

      3. That_Polish_Boy

        That's hockey Little Baby

      4. MeepNugget

        “Three hundred....five, three hundred.....six”

      5. Discord Miner

        Kane: “305, 306...”

    83. Alexa Seymour

      That canes and panthers game was definitely weird

    84. Steve Regish

      some more disrespecting the Michigan shot content. Nice 👍🏽

    85. Mash709

      Well done Kaner! Lol. Congrats on 1k!

    86. Nick Hinton

      My guess is they had Kane count to 100. Then say only the 100’s all the way to 1,000. And they edited and stitched every number he says starting at 101

      1. _andthelike

        wait that actually makes a lot of sense

    87. Trem

      No means no Kane

      1. B

        He didnt do it bro it was literally proven false

      2. B


    88. Tommy G

      The Kane ASMR has me crying dude 😂💀

    89. BermudasJojo

      If you want to fall asleep, just take a sleeping pill every time the devils give up an odd man rush. You might overdose, so be careful

    90. Dbdcorp

      Matthew Tkatchuk isn’t hated. He’s loved.

    91. DavoPlayz

      I'm a flames fan, and I live in calgary, but i like how most of these are against the flames lol

    92. Banana Friend

      VALAMAKI!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    93. klauskarlkraus

      Oh look another goal compilation....

      1. Carine S

        Kane compilation

    94. BrotherNumber3

      Seems like Matthew is jealous of little Jimmy

      1. B


    95. thebestgamerjosh


    96. Sirfrostysnow

      How Kane managed to stay deadpan that long I’ll never know

      1. Antwaun Randle El

        Cuz he’s the fuckin goat

      2. Aaron Goldstein

        @Edmonton Boy hes high

      3. Edmonton Boy

        @Pat Ward **my deadpan voice** He’s adopted

      4. Sirfrostysnow

        @Pat Ward truly incredible

      5. Pat Ward

        You’re kidding right? Kaner been deadpan since 2015

    97. saturnotaku

      This may well go down as the weirdest season in NHL history.

    98. JTLL Sibs

      Why are 80 percent of these Canadian division

      1. unfaithful1034

        because Canadian Division is weird

    99. King Henrik30

      That's hockey ... little baby ;)

      1. Nick Sojka

        As a Canes fan who's still not over losing John Forslund, I legit wanted to punch a hole in the wall when he said that.

      2. Andrew Degenhardt

        Yeah that was awesome

    100. John H

      Love the Kane interruptions