Best 3-on-3 Overtime and Shootout Moments from Week 10 | NHL


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    J.T. Miller and Jesper Bratt score highlight-reel game-winning goals, Elvis Merzlikins and Adin Hill rob the competition and Anthony Beauvillier nets not one, but two overtime winners
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    1. Brett A

      2021 and the NHL can’t upload in 1080p?

    2. Alexa Seymour

      Necas is so good and he’s underrated

    3. Syndicate Vlogs

      Whoa whoa whoa. Like 13-15 seconds in is it me or does he say unmolested....

    4. Toby Rollo

      3-on-3 OT and shootouts are embarrassing gimmicks.

    5. Mike Meehan

      Islanders Insane!!!

    6. MSU Spartans

      Zamanajabb torches the flyers again according to the the ticker


      Weird seeing Corey Perry with a different number other than 10

    8. Begone

      what’s up with carolina and columbus being 4on4?

      1. MikeyO Plays


    9. AVD_Games

      Leddy has some speed!!

    10. LeftyStegman

      flyers and islanders was technically a 4 on 3 to start the overtime which turned into a 4 on 4 because the islanders took a penalty at the end of the third which never made it 3 on 3 at all in the overtime

      1. LeftyStegman

        @MikeyO Plays im not salty i am an islanders all im saying it that was a 4 on 4 goal insted of a 3 on 3 goal i just found it funny thats all

      2. MikeyO Plays


    11. Dee Kirkham

      Go Flyers and Go knights for my teams my reason are I was born in Vegas but I have fam in Philly

    12. Dee Kirkham

      Filthy goal by Joe Pavelski

    13. Dee Kirkham

      Ptachy or Stone for MVP of knights or even The Flower

    14. Dee Kirkham

      Vegas Proud

    15. Dee Kirkham

      Vegas Golden Knights = Stanley Cup Let’s GOOO KNIGHTS!!!!

    16. D Ealy

      Necas has underrated speed. Aho is just underrated!

      1. Gunnar McIntyre

        Fax aho was always underrated he’s a great player

    17. D Ealy

      Jackets shouldn't have had a chance to win in OT or the shoot out. Ref missed the illegal stick slide from Laine on the game tying goal!

    18. Smooch The Doog

      We all came to say beauviller sucks!

      1. Gabriela Carroll

        sorry he ended ur team ❤️

      2. Andrew Blayne

        @Smooch The Doog explain then

      3. Smooch The Doog

        @Andrew Blayne still wrong

      4. Andrew Blayne

        @Smooch The Doog BRUH I DAID USUALLY

      5. Smooch The Doog

        @Andrew Blayne no would about edmontom and calgary? Your so low iq with sports man

    19. red rum

      Bruins are trash lol

    20. ilesgirl9


      1. ilesgirl9


      2. Wers


      3. Matthew Posner

        Islanders would be nothing with our good old bovie!

    21. ilesgirl9

      Vancouver vs Montreal wow just wow what a game!

    22. Spencisem 21

      go haha go

    23. Thrasher 47

      I have 0 words

    24. Mitzen Meezer

      The best thing of beauty is just getting to see so much of the Jackets in this one. Especially Elvis Merzlikens.

    25. Rex

      I swear when my predators play the stars it’s always a good game

      1. Auston Matthews

        @dnated ! no I don’t I’ve been a fan since I was 5

      2. dnated !

        @Auston Matthews you bandwagon the leafs?

      3. Auston Matthews

        U like the predators?

    26. Tristan Kuechle


    27. Samuel Attias

      Congratulations, american teams, you destroyed the canadian teams last 5 years.

    28. MBhockeydude2000

      This is awesome

    29. The Wrong Sav1or

      3 on 3 EH

    30. Alicia Morehouse

      I’m going to a hockey game tonight the coyotes and sharks

      1. Grant Bailey

        Go sharks!

      2. Blue Curiosity

        @Aiden O heck yeah

      3. ATV Addict

        @Leafyseven not including you*

      4. The Danny Garcia Show


      5. Leafyseven

        @ATV Addict I wasn’t rude.

    31. Samuel Attias