Top 10 Saves from Week 9 | 2021 NHL Season


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    More paddle stops this week from Vladar and Hellebuyck and unbelievable stretches from Samsonov, Korpisalo and Lankinen
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    1. D Ealy

      The Hurricanes are at the top of the league but still get ignored by the NHL social media! Ned made two jaw dropping saves against the Blue Jackets but didn't make this list.

    2. Nathan Stice

      Beautiful saves. Gotta love the goal tenders.

    3. Greg N

      I think Conners saves SOULD be higher

    4. Philip Mandel

      They forgot tristen jarry

    5. Chris Pollock

      Hellebuyck should be on half of these

    6. Person Gxng


    7. Jake Thompson

      Darth vladar 👀

    8. Floridapanthers2020 Rosado

      Were is the bob save on Kane?

    9. Evan Poole

      If Detroit was actually good Bernier would be a vezina candidate

    10. Sachini

      Price should have been there

    11. matthew daniels

      no way alexander georgiev isn't in here. Did you see his save yesterday!!

    12. crusty nuggets

      That korpisalo save after it hit the post was nuts

    13. Sabaud

      I know they don't do much hockey there, but someone should teach the camerapeople in new jersey how to function. "zoom out?... nah.... i can just spin the camera 45 degrees left, then right, then left again"

    14. Aarav Chhabra

      No one: New Jersey Devils: If he has "wood" in his name we will take him

      1. Benjamin Lafond

        @Patrik Tobola yep ima fan to

      2. Jamie 63

        @Patrik Tobola hahahha

      3. Patrik Tobola

        hahah yep, we got Miles Wood, Mackenzie Blackwood and Scott Wedgewood.

    15. Tuomas Kämäräinen

      Bernier just makes it look easy

    16. this1ray

      Bernier is on fire this season, never looked better!

    17. Dr Dangles11

      Berniers saves were crazy

    18. Siblinx

      Wow no demko thats a bias

    19. alexjakob7

      Demko went 6 and 1 faced almost 40 shots a game and doesn't get any highlights lol. These saves were great just saying he's had some crazy ones too

      1. Michael Snow

        They should have an honorable mentions section of the video.

    20. alexjakob7

      So new jersey has Wedgewood and Blackwood for goalies? Lol

      1. Jarrad Bruessel

        and a forward named myles wood. They like wood in New Jersey

    21. Fabrice Joël Françoise

      And no Demko ? Demko is one of the most goalies in the moment of this season.

    22. Ryan Claussen

      I might be a little biased but lankinen should’ve been number 1

    23. Preston VanBeveren

      Plus Fleury

    24. ChxmberzTV

      I'm surprised to see no Thatcher Demko saves. he's the reason Canucks are even relevant at the moment

      1. Benjamin Madden

        The save he made in the shootout last night, lifting up his skate after getting beaten was absolutely insane

    25. Christopher Johnson

      where tf is dubnyk

    26. Gianna Reeves

      lol Fabri diving in front of the net

    27. Eva M

      NO Georgiev wow

    28. BrandersenTheLegend

      Big respect they put the bruins rookie's save first

    29. BadBoiFilms

      If the season ended today Demko would be the vezina runner up to vashilevski. And yet you just refuse to feature him.

      1. Jarrad Bruessel

        You butchered Vasilevskiy's name...

      2. Thomas Chaney

        It’s because Demko is so positionally sound he is rarely out of position so he never needs to make these incredible diving saves or these paddle save

    30. Low Ground


      1. Petr Hubáček

        To že je Dan Vladař TOP gólman u nás na Kladně víme dávno, akorát Bostonu to trvalo dlouhých 4.5 roku než na to přišli :-(

    31. Flame 123

      Ngl surprised the Bobrysky’s save on Kane wasn’t there

    32. Jeremy Park


    33. Kammii

      Wow I seriously can't believe Jarry didn't get in. That blows my mind

      1. ChxmberzTV

        Facts underrated goaltender

      2. Kammii

        @Dozxen yah Jarry is super under rated. I swear for some of the pens game that they won it wouldn't have been possible without Jarry

      3. Dozxen

        I remember when Jarry was a third string goalie

    34. Brady Babineau

      Vladar also made a great save on Bryan Rust at the end of the second, but the stick save on Sceviour was just incredible. There’s been tons of paddle saves lately around the league.

      1. Bryce Griffin

        @Akilah Steier whoa! Took about 10 mins but it actually worked!

      2. Akilah Steier

        i dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

      3. McNapoleoncomplex

        yea they just put it first out of courtesy since it was his first game, but all of them were incredible saves and its hard to compare it

      4. TheDan14

        @Your Average R6 IRflowr2 yeah, but like cam ward said, when you're out of the play you get whatever you can to the middle of the net

      5. Rocco 22

        @Your Average R6 IRflowr2 kind of. there was an angle that they didn’t show, Shows the back of the net where he looks then Stretches his paddle out to stop the puck. But yeah, most of its luck.

    35. Tristan Redman

      First, I found it weird (and personally offensive) how Demko is never featured in these videos, since being one of the hottest goalies in the league for over the past month. But looking at how he plays positionally, he never has to make a highlight reel save because he never puts himself out of position, needing to dive to make a save.

      1. Sigma

        Yeah, I feel the same is true for Grubauer, who never gets any love in these videos.

    36. Geoff Gillingsbergh

      Why were the flyers and caps standing there?

    37. thebestgamerjosh


    38. ильгиз махмутов

      Владар сразу в топ попал

    39. Quade Vellacott

      Puck was stuck od something with detroit caralina lol

    40. supergdk !!!

      The commentaters save save save save Me what happened

    41. Spades Wall


    42. Dustik CZ

      Of course Darth Vladar is no.1

    43. Crazy mavbro

      Really? Fleury had 2 different clips of the opposing team literally shooting it into his glove but we don't get Georgiev's split save in the 2nd against philly last night?

      1. Crazy mavbro

        You got lucky. His save was in this weeks video like you predicted.

      2. CHUNGUS

        @Crazy mavbro I’m not 100% sure but this happened a few weeks ago so if I’m wrong I’ll be wrong

      3. Toby Smith

        The NHL loves the Knights WAY to much so yeah

      4. Crazy mavbro

        Makes sense. but if you're lying to me then i'm gonna come back in a week and say so

      5. CHUNGUS

        Georgiev's save was yesterday and week 9 is from Tuesday to Tuesday so it should probably be in next week's rankings

    44. Adam Kuchař

      boston vladar best

    45. Wes McCauley

      I can do this In my dreams....

    46. Nikotsi

      Lankinen and Raanta and Korpisalo is fire 🔥🔥

      1. ATV Addict

        @TheCat12 I'm not correcting it I'm just making a point...

      2. Nikotsi

        @Tuomas Kämäräinen ota ite

      3. ANU SAUKKO

        @Tuomas Kämäräinen Äläpäs vääristele totuutta

      4. Tuomas Kämäräinen

        Otappa jonne ne suomilasit pois

      5. Nikotsi

        @ANU SAUKKO yes

    47. [MxQ]SaucySev

      Lanks save was absolutely insane

    48. Nathan Parker


    49. Yannik Ioffe

      Wonderful week of saves

    50. Justin Verelli

      does the NHL reply to fans?

      1. Snake Eyes


    51. Theo Crumb

      only one with notis on?

    52. JulioCesar Gomes

      What 38 segunds

    53. Theo Crumb

      Idk how these people can make a line with their legs

      1. BigBlackDuck

        literally just practice. Keep stretching more and more every day and you'll get there eventually. It's not that hard, it just takes tons of hard work.

    54. Ansh Agarwal


      1. Reaperguy 67

        @Toronto Mapel Leafs the comments that say what number comment they are don't matter since we all watch the same thing.

      2. Reaperguy 67

        Nobody cares about what number comment you are. You should grow up and quit making a pointless comment .

      3. Toronto Mapel Leafs

        @アイスアイス no problem 😁

      4. アイスアイス

        @Toronto Mapel Leafs sorry

      5. Toronto Mapel Leafs

        @アイスアイス we’ll if you are proud about being first then I respect that but it is not necessary to arguing about who’s first...

    55. アイスアイス


      1. joker

        @Rocco 22 you are wrong. There are adults who play video games as well on IRflow.

      2. Reaperguy 67

        @Rocco 22 that doesn't even make sense. Adults play games as well. Also anyone who says what number comment they are is child like.

      3. Rocco 22

        @Reaperguy 67 you’re Gaming let’s plays make you look like a child

      4. Reaperguy 67

        @アイスアイス ok. Your comment makes you look like a child right now.

      5. アイスアイス

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