Top 10 Saves from Week 8 | 2021 NHL Season


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    The paddle save is mighty in Week 8 with Joonas Korpisalo, Semyon Varlamov and Pekka Rinne employing the last ditch tactic
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    1. Jay Levree

      Korpisalo has been keeping the jets in a lot of games. It’s unreal how good he is and he really carry’s the team

      1. Mo Alexander

        I think you mean Columbus, he’s plays for the blue jackets

    2. XenT0r0 _

      Korpisalo lets goo

    3. ray morris

      What 3 a.amazing @ saves by kopi go jackets what a athlec

    4. T Abdil

      Why is jaroslav halak not in this video

    5. LieuFang

      I'm starting to think Korpisalo might have a higher ceiling than his partner Elvis (a ridiculous notion this time last year), it's just that Korpisalo only goes to it in the playoffs or when his team is fated to be blown out.

    6. Jordan Perepolkin

      Today was the week of absolutely ridiculous Paddle Saves!

    7. Shaun Moorhouse

      #4 should be #1

    8. Dire Wolf Gaming

      Fluery is the most underrated goalie

      1. Dire Wolf Gaming

        @Jarrad Bruessel I guess

      2. Jarrad Bruessel

        No he isn't lol. If you want underrated look at korpisalo. He gets no real recognition but does great almost every damn game. Fleury has always been considered a decent to great goalie depending on the time of year. Fleury is just really flashy. Hence why vegas was perfect for him. A flashy goalie for a flashy city.

    9. T Mor

      Damn, the cameras/lighting that Dallas has are sharp af

    10. Nada

      jarry is better then hart haha laugh now told you all in january lol

    11. Éli-Yan Gasse

      HEYYYY, ma boy Pricey is back!!!!!

    12. Ryan Braff

      Varly save better than Rinne save

    13. Arttu Pohjola

      There is 3 finnish goalies in this video🇫🇮🏒🥅🛡️

    14. Samuel Attias


    15. Ryan Lerman

      Korpi has a minute and 2 seconds for #1, which means he has 3 saves

    16. Ryan Lerman

      #1 is proof that Korpi made 85 saves in the playoffs last year.

      1. USBUDS 9

        That was one crazy game

    17. Ryan Lerman

      Korpisalo with 3 saves at #1? That is a hat trick of saves. @NHL, good job

    18. Jara

      Korpisalo entering godmode

    19. Juanjose Pazmino

      hockey is great hockey is good hockey makes me want to eat more food😂

    20. Tomáš Pfleger

      Florida Panthers is best ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Juanjose Pazmino

        yeeee lets go cats

    21. Jake Meier

      Love the paddle saves!

    22. Joel Reid

      Despite reading the title, I'm still expecting these to be goals

    23. Holden Foster

      buchnevic had a rough night

    24. Fumastertoo

      These goalies are the most underrated athletes out there, amazing job!!

    25. Brentod 16

      Where was jarry's toe save vs philly? I can guarantee you if it was vaselevsky who made that save it would've been number 2 or 3 because thats how the nhl works. A no name does a move, its no where on the highlights. Mcdavid does the same move, OH ITS NUNBER 1 OF THE YEAR GUYS THIS IS ONE OF A KIND AMAZING

      1. Brentod 16

        @Donato Ia__r_i glad someone in this world agrees with me haha

      2. Donato Ia__r_i

        Ngl true. Especially his no look shot, that got so much hype and when Thornton did it last year it got like a little for one day

    26. Nikotsi

      Lankinen is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Nikotsi


      2. Brady Babineau

        Him and Kahkonen are superb!

    27. Dani Ripatti

      I am love ice hockey, i am ice hockey player

      1. cam Dirtman

        You are haves grammer

    28. MooseinateR

      Korpisalo is an absolute monster

      1. MooseinateR

        @Rufus Framelius yeah I'm a blue jackets fan and he's the reason why we don't get blown out every game currently

      2. Rufus Framelius

        Too bad he plays in bad team

    29. Viewslul

      Varlly coming in clutch!!! LGI!!!

    30. shwowdy


      1. Maddie

        Do you know what hurricanes player was riding the panthers player? Was it fleury 😂

    31. Seth Olson

      Do ✍️ what ✍️ Korp ✍️ does ✍️ pre-game ✍️ to ✍️ enter ✍️ demon ✍️ mode ✍️

    32. Jet_Tort

      Hockey is so underrated it’s crazy

      1. Brentod 16

        @Outlaw seemed like it fs

      2. Outlaw

        @Brentod 16 I didn't at all.

      3. Brentod 16

        @Outlaw you strongly implied it with your statement above 👆

      4. Outlaw

        @Brentod 16 When did I say Mcdavid is better than Crosby. I'm waiting...

      5. Brentod 16

        @Outlaw you know I could say a million things about crosby

    33. shmuel1979

      korpasolo did it twice in one game.

      1. Ryan Lerman

        4:56 is how he got 3 saves for #1.

      2. Ryan Lerman

        Actually there were 3 saves.

    34. Michal Šikula

      Matt Murray absolutly best save on Draisaitl last night 👌

    35. Tanner Gaming

      I love hockey

    36. DefinetlyNotOwen

      Wait... did I hear “2 save of the year cantidates”... there were 8 better saves THIS WEEK 😂

      1. Bobby T.

        It’s Steve mears... just ignore it

      2. Maiina

        Jarry "save of the year cantidate" 😂 maybe when you only watch Pittsburgh games

      3. Brentod 16

        @DefinetlyNotOwen true I dont get how a few years ago when murray made 3 huge saves in 1 game vs colombus it wasn't ranked like top 3

      4. DefinetlyNotOwen

        @Brentod 16 that’s true... but both of them in the same game would probably make it a little better

      5. Brentod 16

        @DefinetlyNotOwen korpisalo's first save wasn't as good as subban's stick save

    37. nonek lizard

      Hockey is fun

    38. Affton Americans


    39. the ttv live

      I love hockey who is with me

      1. the ttv live

        Me to im on travel

      2. Donato Ia__r_i

        I wonder why we’re on this channel

      3. Jarrett Flanders


      4. Hockey kid 89

        In irl

      5. Hockey kid 89

        I play it

    40. Wes McCauley


    41. Winnipegjets 280

      Helly coming in clutch. GoJetsGo!

      1. Brentod 16

        @Winnipegjets 280 oh I didn't know that lol Then in that case it was pretty clutch haha

      2. Winnipegjets 280

        @Brentod 16 I Agree, but that save was in OT really saved the team there.

      3. Brentod 16

        Should've controlled the rebound not fallen over, but still good